21 July 2016

Mural, Mural On the Wall

Still from our museum trip!!

If you have a chance to visit Singapore Art Museum, don't forget to go the Queen Street Wing side and pay attention to the murals painted on the wall in while you're taking your steps up through the staircase. I assume they change it after a while because I remember it was a different one when I visited it last time. I assume again there are meanings behind every murals there but I'm to lazy too observe it. It's quite abstract and absurd for me the not artsy one! *wink*

Oh well! 

But still we can use it as a nice background though! HOHOHO .. 

Had an impromptu mother and son photo session there! Initially I was planning to take Gide's picture but since Aunty Janne was there, we managed to force her to be our sudden photographer! HOHOHO .. Turned out it's kind like having #OOTD!! Definitely not your typical kind of #OOTD with those cool and good looking pose and perfect angle but me likey likey!! 

I just pulled out my comfy ripped jeans and tee from the wardrobe that allowed me to breathe, run, and carry this lil dude! Being a mom is hard, man! Thug life! HAHAHA .. And for Gide, he was wearing a navy polo tee combined with red shorts and his blue chucks! Never thought he could pull off that red shorts! Good job mommy in doing mix and match!! Proud momma! HAHAHA ... Ya kali ini ya muji diri sendiri! ;)  

"Gill, Gidenya lucu tapi muka loe aneh!"
"HAHAHA .. gpp lah!! Poto lagi aja, Ne!!"

Thanks again Aunty Janne for taking our pictures! Mommy said, she'll be more than happy to take your pictures with Jojo anytime soon to return the favor. Next museum date perhaps? :)

The Museum Invaders

A playdate to the museum?! Yes yes yes!! I don't need to think twice to say yes when being asked by Janne! Mommy is not that artsy person though, ... and to be honest sometimes it takes me a while to really understand the meaning behind an art piece, but anyway still love to go to the museum. Btw, this was Gide's officially first museum visit, a real one! Considering Alive Museum is not really a museum HOHOHO .. And what made it even greater, we had Bibi and Sophie joining us as well! Yeay! The more the merrier!! Err, not really! HAHAHA .. They're toddlers remember?!! The four musketeers invaded the museum!! .. And mommies were having a really good time of exercise! HOHOHO

We went to visit SAM @ 8Q whereby they're having this Imaginarium: Over the Ocean, Under the Sea exhibition. You can check it here for more information. It's not my first time visiting SAM @ 8Q and I always like the idea when they have this kind of exhibition. They keep changing it btw! So better check their web before you go there! 

There were four floors that we went through .. and guess what! I had to carry this 11kg lil dude with me since stroller was parked downstairs and he only started to learn to walk and can you imagine it would take forever and ever and ever for him to walk on his own. Obviously!! Actually there was a lift provided but it's okay since the Queen Street Wing side was not as big as the main building .. And we didn't want to miss a chance to have our #OOTD at the murals by the staircase! Teteup ya harus diniatin #OOTD-nya! HOHOHO 

Each floor has two different areas that showcased different installations from various artists, except for the first floor which one installation was placed inside the building and another one at the glass panel at the entrance if you can spot it! My fave one was "Ada" by Karina Smigla-Bobinski, a Polish artiste. It was a big, .. not big! Enormous PVC balloon with charcoal studs around it. Gide was not so keen when we entered to this room as it was quite dark, but after a while he enjoyed himself pushing and 'bouncing' the ball. 

Some were wondering whether it was a waste of time to bring these kiddos with such a young age to the museum, .. and my answer is no! How come experiencing something good, in this case art become such a waste. I bet Gide had no idea what this all about but who cares! Neither did I as an adult!! But again,the process of seeing and exploring something new, meeting and interacting with his peers and new people .. that's that matter!! Too add on, exploring his senses by touching and feeling different kind of textures, brave himself to adapt in different surroundings .. that's a lot of things!! 

Bringing the kids to the museum was one thing, .. having four of them together was another thing!! HAHAHA .. Gide was the youngest among all of them yet the most handsome one! Ahey!!! And he's the one who still crawling here and there, and just taking baby steps. The other three girls were about the same age and yes the were having fun on their own. They were everywhere!!! HOHOHO .. Salute to all the mommies with running toddler, especially Lolla with Bibi the energizer bunny! I'm just waiting my turn 'till this boy able to run around! *grin*

On the side note, I need to learn to maximize the use of the camera while having moving toddler! Ya lor .. Mommy want to take good pictures for blogging wise! Oops!! I mean for keeping the memories!! Well not all memories should be kept through pictures and shared in social media but I like the idea of having those JPEG files in my laptop. So yes I need to be more advance in taking pictures and looking after a toddler at the same time! Next in my to do list! *wink*

Finally, a decent group photo in complete formation .. Not to mention where-are-we-looking-at! HOHOHO .. Looking forward for more museum date in the future!! Wohoo!!! Cheers to motherhood and art lovers out there!!

19 July 2016

#dressingthelildude : LOAFERS LOVER

99% of all Gide's wardrobe are gifts! Shout hooray for God's goodness for Gide!! And we still have a box full of new clothes that are waiting to be worn, ... I call it the blessing box! Boxes to be true!! HOHOHO ...  

Including this sytlo milo pair of loafers! 

Gemes yaa!!!

Big shout out to my Aunty Dys!! Thanks so much ontiiiiii!!! Yup! She's the one who responsible for this cool shoes, .. and most of all his shoes actually HOHOHO ... So mommy's job is to do the mix and match for this lil dude. Yeay yeay yeay! Mommy lovin' it!! 

I decided to create some kind of preppy look for this time around by pairing a plain polo tee, jeans, and this loafers. I purposely folded his jeans, button his polo and tucked it in to make it even preppier .. and Voila!! By the way, the tucking part only last during the photo taking! Like 5 minutes! HAHAHA ..  I think the shoes that really complete the look .. Oh! I'm start looking for the same one in adult size by the way! If you find one, please let me know HOHOHO ..

Another oh! We almost lost the shoes on the way back home as he fell asleep and I think it's still a bit loose for him. Thank God this one lady saw it, when the shoes accidentally slipped away from his feet while we were alighting from the bus. She immediately told me and another big thank you to the bus driver who was patient enough waiting for me to pick up his shoes! Maybe I'll wait another month or two to let him wear this loafers again. 

In  a meanwhile, let's have fun mix and match with another shoes! HAHAHA ..

If you're wondering how can he sit still and pose nicely .. Oh well, you're totally wrong! These are three out of I-have-no-idea shots that we took on that day. Mommy busy shouting, cheering, making funny faces, and asking Gide to sit still while Onti Kez keep pressing the button!! HAHAHA .. good team work! High five!!

'till the other time in #dressingthelildude :)