23 May 2015

Wake Up, KOS!!!

KOS?!! kos who?!

Kos or Cos (GreekΚως) is a Greek island of the group of the Dodecanese, next to the Gulf of Gokosa/Cos. The island measures 40 by 8 kilometers (25 by 5 miles), and is 4 km (2 miles) from the coast of Bodrum, Turkey, and the ancient region of Caria. The island constitutes a municipality within the Kos regional unit, which is part of the South Aegean Region. The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Kos town. The island has a population of 33,388. tsah! penjelasan lengkap dan akurat dari .... Wikipedia!!!! ;)

our third destination during our Greece trip was Kos Island. It took around 1 hour plane journey from Athens to Kos Town. We purposely booked the earliest flight so we could take the bus to go to the city centre, but as I mentioned earlier, ... there are only 2 seasons in Greece, winter and summer! so as spring considered as winter, we were waiting at the bus stop around 15 minutes .... for nothing!! yup! another taxi ride ... we did calculate the taxi budget for this case, ya tapi kan namanya ngarep mah boleh ya, lumayan jadi aku kan bisa minta nambah kalo makan ntar HOHOHOHO ;D

we stayed at Hotel Afendoulis during our stay there! and guess what?! there were only this American couple who had been staying there for one month and ... us!! another yup!!! too bad that we didn't have a chance to meet Alexis the owner of this place due to his sickness but we had great time hosted by Alexis' wife, Dionosio and their daughter Kiriyaki!! the best saying to express our stay there was home away from home. the hotel itself was not that fancy,  as it was a 2 stars hotel but, .. it was the hospitality of the entire family that made our stay so pleasant! Dionisio treated us like her own children! it's true that they work in this industry and being kind and friendly are part of their job but you can feel it when someone do it genuinely of for the sake just trying to be nice! obviously they fall into the first category! :)

Hotel Afendoulils
alright! back to the business!! the question ... is there anything you can do during this period when the city was asleep? like the old man said, when there's a will there's a way!! yup yup yup! panggil kami si duo jagoan neon the explorer! saingan sama dora ceritanya HOHOHO ... 

ahay! this is the best way to stroll around the city! you just need to rent a bicycle and Kos Town is all yours. is it safe? yes!! this town is bicycle friendly and they have their bicycle path around the town. 

lucky us! the bike shop was just opposite our hotel and never ever think we were going to rent the tandem bicycle ... some people might say tandem bike is romantic! not for us! yang ada malah ribet, cuy!!! we tried once back then to rent the tandem bike and it was the first and the last one we did that!! so one bike for the tour guide, another bike for this preggie!!

we strolled around the city visiting the Ancient Agora, Hippocrates Plane Tree, Castle of Knights, Odeion, and Western Excavation Site ..

Ancient Agora

Hippocrates Plane Tree

him: ini pohon hippocratesnya yang sebelah mana sih ya?

me: yang ini nih, rai!!
him: serius loe?! masa pohon hippocrates dicoret - coret gini?!
me: iya bener yang ini! tuh liat papannya! nunjuk ke arah sini kan!! 
him: coba jalan maju dikit lagi, .. ga mungkin pohonnya yang ini .. pohon hippocrates loh!
me: btw, hippocrates tuh saha?
him: father of medicine!
me: ow!! i see i see ..

*jalan beberapa langkah dan ada pohon tua yang dipagerin dan kami saling memberi tatapan penuh arti*

him: tuh kan! HAHAHAHA .. ya kali pohonnya dicoret - coret
me: HAHAHA .. ya mana gw tau juga! 
him: gw yakin pasti pohon tua gitu deh ..
me: ya udah ketemu, ayo poto - poto aja lah! 

mission accomplished! berhasil berhasil berhasil!!! setel kutch - kutch hoota hay sambil muter - muterin pohon pake syawl ...  HAHAHAHA .. what great way to start our adventure in Kos Town!

yuk cus!!! dari situ kita lanjut lagi gowes lagi ke Castle of Knights .. 

if you're wondering were all that places ruins?! the answer is YES YES YES!! it's Greece, baby!!! what do you expect?! HOHOHO :D

we literally cycled here and there visiting all the historical ruins and one interesting fact, some of the ruins were located in the neighbourhood area. can you imagine waking up everyday with those view? .. i would say interesting!!!

teteup ya harus ada edisi makan!! with not so many options, we decided to try this Romantica Traditional Restaurant for our lunch on the first day ... romantis bener!!! ;)

greek sausage
i-forget-the-name ;)
 and we had another greek sausage for our supper that night ;)

fyi, karena letakanya yang berdekatan dengan Turki, jadi jangan heran kalau kita bisa ketemu lumayan banyak Turkish Restaurant .. dan pilihan kita jatuh pada Ali Restaurant that served Greek and Turkish food yang sebenernya malem sebelomnya kita udah incer cuma udah keburu tutup .. btw, all these places were only walking distance from our hotel .. yeah yeah yeah!! :D

finally rice!!! my indo tummy was more than happy to see rice!!! HOHOHO .. 

and as a closure of our food journey in Kos Town, we ate at Olympiada Tavern .. we were super hungry that night but the thing with most of the restaurants in Greece they allow people to smoke, .. even in the aircon room! that sucks!! initially we wanted to eat at this one place but once we went inside we couldn't hardly breath .. that bad, people! then we saw this place which had both indoor and outdoor and of course we chose to sit outdoor .. dingin dingin semriwing dikit lah tapi bisa napas seenggaknya .. and we didn't regret it at all to eat at this place!!! 

the food was yummy! the portion was huge!!! perfecto!!! best combination!! :D

Olympiada Special Pasta

Youvetsi with Meatball

another thing that you can do in this place is night walking! we did that for two days in a row!! okay okay first we had nothing to do and secondly it was a good exercise too!! me myself enjoyed our night walking session there, ... all you need was just a good companion! and I got mine!! :D


 .. it was drizzling on the day we visited Asklepieion but it didn't stop us from exploring this place which was believed as a healing temple back then that sacred to the god Asclepius. Dionosio was the one who drove us here! can you see it now why I told you earlier that she treated us like her own children .. she drove us there, made sure we had our umbrella with us, waited for us to go in to the gate before she left us to go back to her house .. 

another glorious ruins? checked! :)
we spent quite sometimes here, reading and browsing the history, talking pictures, discussing and imagining how was it look back then, ... kalo ga ujan mungkin aku bakal guling - gulingan di rumput sambil berkicau "i feel freeeeee" kayak tante syahrini ;)

we literally did that!! HAHAHAHA .. it was fun! really fun! we hopped on the bus, alighted at the very last stop, exploring the place, waited for the same bus to come back and hopped on another bus and did the same again! hop-alight-explore-repeat! :D

so yeah that's our little adventure in Kos Town!! always remember not all those who wander are lost ... efcharisto, Kos!!! next destination, Santorini!!!  

14 May 2015

My Husband and Me

me: loe ga tau rasanya hamil sih!!!
him: loe ga tau rasanya bayarin orang hamil sih!
me: ....


me: liat deh hari ini rambut aku beda kan?
him: engga! sama aja!
me: beda lah! ini abis ngeblow gitu .. lebih ngembang!!
him: it looks the same for me ..
me: ya udah lah ..


him: gee, ini baju baru ya?
me: he?!
him: ga pernah liat kayaknya! baju baru ya? baru terus ih bajunya!
me: yaowoh remon!!! ini baju yang gw pake waktu acara lamaran keluarga!!!
him: serius?! HAHAHAHA .. mana aku tau! baju kamu banyak begitu!
me: ....


me: hari ini aku pake bulu mata palsu loh! liat deh ..
him: oh iya! biru ya warnanya?!
me: ha?! biru?! bulu mata gw biru?!
him: iya kena sinar matahari kayak biru gitu warnanya ..
me: ...


ya begitulah seklumit percakapan sehari - hari yang terjadi antara suami dan saya. sampai detik postingan ini diturunkan kami sudah menjadi sejoli selama 7 tahun belakangan, ... ya tentunya dibumbui dengan adegan - adegan pelem indihe dimana si wanita mewek - mewek ga jelas entah itu hormon atau emang cengeng. ada juga adegan macam baca buku roman picisan dimana kami mesra - mesra bak romeo dan juliet. tapi apala artinya semua itu kalau belum ada adegan macam ultraman melawan monster jahat dimana dua - duanya ngotot ga mau kalah. oh well, it's called marriage life after all and I'm loving it! love the fact that I'm married to the right man! 

boleh bang, jatah bulanan ditambah!!! HAHAHAHA :D

07 May 2015

Another Converse-ation Day!

photos by remundo ;)

34 weeks and start aching! ;)
there are days where I feel like taking off this bump for a while and lay flat on my tummy ... pengen guling - gulingan muter kesana kesini rasanya HOHOHO .. another thing that I miss is dancing!! may not the best dancer in the world or even in the block though but I really miss counting 5, 6, 7, 8 ... sebenernya masih bisa jejogetan koq cuma demi menghindari tatapan kengerian yang dipancarkan khalayak sekitar jadi alangkah bijaksananya kalo gw cuma nari - nari di otak aja ... btw, if you're wondering whether I got the "swollen feet" syndrome, the answer is yes!! most of the time is always my left foot ... so yeah keep calm and elevate!! :D

what else do I miss during this pregnancy period? I miss my melissa shoes! HAHAHA .. it's really not a good idea to wear your melissa shoes at this period of time and I did one big mistake by wearing it last week .. berasa macam sodara tiri cinderella  yang maksa pake sepatu kaca! and speaking of shoes, say hello to my new slip on converse baby!!! HAHAHA .. we were strolling around at IMM last week and it was love at first sight! converse - slip on - crochet material - beige!! perfecto!!! another plus point, it was on sale!!! 

him: gee suka sepatunya?
me: suka banget!!!
him: mau?
me: mau banget!!
him: emang butuh?
me: butuh pake banget!! hehehe

and it landed smoothly on the cashier! thanks, love!!!

Mr Stylist advised me to go with black and blue theme this time since this Mrs Preggy went cranky again choosing what to wear! I paired my legging with loose black top, and used hubby's shirt as an outer ... and my new pair of converse! hihi! yeay! no more cranky preggy! ;)

with around 4 more weeks to go, ... I've been receiving lots of support, advices, encouragement, prayers from people surround me and I feel blessed!! thank you!!! SUPER HUG!!! not to forget to those all kind hearted people yang bawain martabak dari indo, terus mau dititipin pampers juga .. beliin aku loyang kue cubit juga, shenang syalalalala ... *peluk erat - erat*, terus juga buat duo trala trilili atas maternity shootnya .. i love you full!!! makasih ya ooh sama om!!! :D

anyway, friday is coming, people! cheers for weekend!!!

06 May 2015

Strap Bracelet To The Rescue

beberapa pernyataan yang sering kali muncul berhubungan dengan aksesoris adalah, "kayaknya gw ga cocok dhe", "gw ga tau musti pakenya gimana", .. atau "kalo kamu mah cocok, kalo aku kayaknya ga deh!" endebre endebra ..  well, I'm partially agree with those statements karena seperti pepatah mengatakan tak kenal maka tak sayang. being quite an accessories freak, allow me to introduce you to something simple yet fashionable, the strap bracelet!! 

a strap bracelet basically is a bracelet that made of leather most of the time and intended to be worn round around your wrist, .. ya iya lah masa ankle!! with a buckle to attach the links HAHA .. penjelasan macam apa ini?! coba kita tuker ke bahasa endonesa sehari - hari ala gw yang mudah dicerna yak! strap bracelet itu salah satu jenis gelang yang biasanya terbuat dari kulit dan cara pemakaiannya dililit - lilit ke pergelangan tangan. nah!! ;D

gw sendiri merasa si strap bracelet ini kayak semacam ibu peri di saat lagi pengen gaya tapi males pake yang heboh - heboh apalagi di masa - masa kehamilan kayak gini, .. pengen gaya tapi ga mau ribet! jadinya rempong sendiri yak! nah cukup ubek - ubek sebentar di kotak, ambil satu yang paling cocok dan langsung cus berangkat!! dan satu hal lagi yang gw suka dari strap bracelet adalah modelnya yang cukup klasik dan everlasting, .. tidak lekang oleh waktu! tsah!! and here are some simple tips in choosing your strap bracelet to complete your look ..

biasanya strap bracelet itu terbagi jadi dua ukuran, yang tipis sama yang tebal. kalo kamu berencana buat tampil chic casual, gw saranin pilih yang tipis karena akan memberikan kesan santai tapi tetep stylish, but if you want to give a statement, give stronger touch to your look, I recommend to choose the wide one! it will make people pay more attention to your accessories!

thin strap bracelet itu biasanya minimal dua lilitan sementara yang tebel biasanya sekali pake aja jeng jeng gitu .. ini pemilihan kata dan bahasa gw makin lama makin ngaco nampaknya! HAHAHA .. it this case it's not always the bigger the better, sometimes less is more :)

having a black strap bracelet is a must!! trust me, black can never go wrong! gw sendiri ada beberapa strap bracelet item, kayak selalu butuh!!! yayaya ;D another must have colour for me is brown, but to be honest not everybody suits to brown colour. you need to choose the right shade of brown that match your skin colour .. selaen dua warna tersebut, .. you can have as many colours you want!! the more the merrier! HOHOHO :)

buat pemakaiannya sendiri biasanya gw cocokin sama mood baju gw! misalnya lagi pake outfit item - item, I'll use my red strap bracelet buat kasih aksen yang beda atau sekalian pake item juga biar kesannya lebih edgy!! beuh bahasa loe gill, edgy!!! kalo baju kamu udah warna - warni alangkah lebih baiknya cari warna yang netral, and vice versa kalo bajunya in neutral look use the colourful strap bracelet! mau pake lebih dari satu warna juga boleh koq!! ya asal jangan satu lengan aja yeee isinya gelang semua, macam tukang jualan gelang ntar ;)

kalo soal ngomongin duit mah ga ada abisnya yak! urusan si strap bracelet juga gitu loh ... dari harga yang murah meriah sampe yang menjulang tinggi setinggi genteng rumah pak lurah pun ada. kalo menurut gw soal bebelian gini balik ke orangnya masing - masing, balik ke tujuan awal .. beuh! macam beli apaan aja ... buat sebagian orang gaya penting, tapi buat sebagian orang gengsi ga kalah penting. buat sebagian orang ada yang ngerasa udah cukup pake yang gitu - gitu aja, tapi sebagian orang ngerasa harus pake yang branded baru berasa cukup! oh well, ga bakal ada abisnya kalo dibandingin terus ..

kalo gw sendiri, ada si strap bracelet yang kebetulan branded, sebut saja si inisial b *inisial sebeneranya* HAHAHAHA .. yang aku incer dari jaman dulu! sampe sekarang kalo liat juga masih pengen cuma ya pikirannya cuma satu, worth ga ya buat kuarin duit segitu demi seutas kulit yang dililit - lilit ke tangan, .. kadang berasa worth, kadang berasa ga! berasa kayak pengen kasih reward ke diri sendiri setelah bekerja keras, tapi sekarang kalo inget mau beli pempers aku langsung eling! HAHAHA .. emang suka galau ga penting!! sangat ga penting!!!!

yup, sekian cuap - cuap singkat dari saya .. so are you ready to be strapped? :) 

03 May 2015

Cheat Pie

what you need are ready crust pie, canned sliced mushroom, canned mixed vegetables, ready made tomato pasta sauce, canned meat .. I was using luncheon meat that day, and parmesan cheese! basically just pour everything inside, mix it, add a pinch of salt and pepper, sprinkle the cheese on top ... put it in the oven and voila!! it's done and ready to be eaten!!! HOHOHO ...

I think some of the mommies out there will give me the apa-apaan-ini-semua-makanan-kaleng-semua-look!! mana gizinya?!! I'm sorry, mommy! this is what came up on my mind when I was thinking how to make something easy peasy and yummy!! so now you know why this is called cheat pie!! or maybe you can call it emergency pie either! or lazy pie .. you name it! ;)