28 July 2016

#dressingthelildude : PURSUIT OF PLAYSUIT

I'm a fan of playsuit, jumpsuit, romper .. and those typical one piece clothes! For baby!! Not for me! Macam lepet ntar kalo maminya yang pake yaaaa HOHOHO .. This type of clothing looks so cute on baby and make them look more baby-ish!! I have no idea if the word baby-ish even exist in the dictionary HOHOHO ..

It's an 18-24 months size playsuit but mommy can't wait any longer!! Iya emaknya suka gitu, ga sabaran!! And the best part they come in two pieces! You know those bundle type that sold in one hanger .. so yeah he has another one with something similar pattern like this and I still manage to  keep the other one in the box ..

The playsuit say it all!! Nothing more, nothing less! I just put on his white sneakers to complete the look. Talking about the shoes, it was a gift from Aunty Ella all the way from the other part of the world. How thoughtful!! Oh baby, how could those small feet got privilege to wear Air Jordan in such a young age! Envy mommy!! And this one is going to outgrow soon too in no time! *sigh* 

26 July 2016

(another) Pasta Fiesta


  • Prep Time : 5 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cook Time: 15 - 20 Minutes
    • Macaroni   
    • Sliced bacon
    • Sliced mushroom
    • Chopped broccoli
    • Fresh milk
    • Chopped garlic
    • Butter 
    • Salt
    • Black pepper
    • Cook the pasta and drain it 
    • Heat the butter on a nonstick pan and cook the bacon till it crispy! After which add on the broccoli and mushroom! Cooked till it soft
    • Mix the pasta with the cooked stuff 
    • Add salt and black pepper 
    • Pour a little amount of fresh milk just to make it a little bit creamy and stir it
    • Taste it! Serve it!

    Another pasta recipe ala #MAMAYUKERO!! I love pasta!!! Cream sauce, tomato sauce, pesto! Semuanya saya suka lalalala ... Untuk cream sauce sendiri, biasanya saya pake cooking cream tapi kali ini berhubung ga ada persediaan cooking cream di rumah dan emang lagi ga pengen terlalu creamy texturenya, saya pake fresh milk sebagai gantinya. Pasta itu jadi menu gacoan kalo mamake lagi males masak .. Cepet, gampang, nikmaaat!!!! Anaknya pun lahap! Adem bener ya kalo liat anak makannya lahap hap hap hap!! HOHOHO ..

    What about you?! Ada menu gacoan disaat malas melanda?! HOHOHO :)

    21 July 2016

    Mural, Mural On the Wall

    Still from our museum trip!!

    If you have a chance to visit Singapore Art Museum, don't forget to go the Queen Street Wing side and pay attention to the murals painted on the wall in while you're taking your steps up through the staircase. I assume they change it after a while because I remember it was a different one when I visited it last time. I assume again there are meanings behind every murals there but I'm to lazy too observe it. It's quite abstract and absurd for me the not artsy one! *wink*

    Oh well! 

    But still we can use it as a nice background though! HOHOHO .. 

    Had an impromptu mother and son photo session there! Initially I was planning to take Gide's picture but since Aunty Janne was there, we managed to force her to be our sudden photographer! HOHOHO .. Turned out it's kind like having #OOTD!! Definitely not your typical kind of #OOTD with those cool and good looking pose and perfect angle but me likey likey!! 

    I just pulled out my comfy ripped jeans and tee from the wardrobe that allowed me to breathe, run, and carry this lil dude! Being a mom is hard, man! Thug life! HAHAHA .. And for Gide, he was wearing a navy polo tee combined with red shorts and his blue chucks! Never thought he could pull off that red shorts! Good job mommy in doing mix and match!! Proud momma! HAHAHA ... Ya kali ini ya muji diri sendiri! ;)  

    "Gill, Gidenya lucu tapi muka loe aneh!"
    "HAHAHA .. gpp lah!! Poto lagi aja, Ne!!"

    Thanks again Aunty Janne for taking our pictures! Mommy said, she'll be more than happy to take your pictures with Jojo anytime soon to return the favor. Next museum date perhaps? :)