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The Aftermath

Today marks the 46 days after our loss and I'm writing this post not to ask for your compassion, you know that kind of menye - menye thing,...but if you feel somehow sad, kindly turn those feelings to a simple prayer for us and for your loved ones! Or somebody else that you know really need it. That will do I guess :)
I'm aware that it is a sensitive topic and honestly speaking, I brave myself too for writing it. I write simply because I know there are many other women out there that may gone trough the same phase like me or dealing with family or friends with this experience and I want to let you know that you're not alone! It seems that we are alone but actually we are not :)
Disclaimer: What I write and share is based on our own personal experience and it's case by case basis. Different people has different health background, experiences, personality, support system, and environment, and the list go on. Basically it's a case by case basis so please anti anti nyi…

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