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(another) Love Journey

Agustus! August! One of my favorite months of the year, simply because it's my birthday month! Singapur dan Indonesia juga! Kyaaaaaa!!! Yes, I'm a sucker for #celebratinglife :) And beside that, the first week of this month is dedicated for World Breastfeeding Week globally by WHO and UNICEF. Just like its name, World Breastfeeding Week or Pekan ASI Sedunia is celebrated every year from 1-7 August to promote and encourage breastfeeding globally ...
The World Breastfeeding Week may over but my breastfeeding journey just started again. It's been around three months since I started my second breastfeeding journey and thank God that all is well by far. Looking back to my early days as a #MAMAYUKERO four years ago, I'm one clueless sheep to this breastfeeding world! That clueless to the extend I became stressed out and baby blues made it worse. Iya saya termasuk yang kena baby blues tanpa disadari. Thank God it didn't last long and by the grace of God and support from…

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