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QSS #3: Social Network

The QSS continues! Ga sampe ribuan koq yang masuk, ratusan pun tidak, hanya beberapa saja, tapi cukup membuat saya terpacu buat rajin update blog jadinya. Shall we continue?! This time around the question is "How to maintain social life after being a mom?" 

The picture above was taken back in 2014 during our Sydney trip together which was my last trip before we decided to start planning for having another member in our family. Next to me was my youngest sister and honestly speaking, at that point of time I never thought about how to maintain my social life after being a mom. What's on my mind back then was “Am I able to breastfeed my child?” “What is this colig”, “Apa pula itu growth spurt”“Ini ntar masak gimana ya?” .. Pospak aja baru tau kalo singkatannya popok sekali pakai! HOHOHO .. Well you know, those motherhood related stuff, and social life was not in the list at that moment …
First months of being a mom I was so occupied! Sibuknya mengalahkan jadwal off air …

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