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Pleat Please

... And I'm back with #stylethebump! Oh yeah!!!! The photo was taken during the 25th week of my pregnancy and #OOTD make this preggo happy! Yaelah emang dasar centil aja yak! Sebenernya mau upload juga di Instagram tapi malu gitu deh, sok malu - malu! HAHAHA ... Mau upload satu cuma galau mau yang mana, tapi kalo empat - empatnya koq rasanya narsis bener yak! Lah apa kabar ini di blog, Gill?! Beda!!! Alesan aja!! Somehow di blog ada ada pengecualian buat upload poto banyakan! HOHOHO ;)

This time I'm dressing the bump with pleat skirt and white tee, and paired them with my all time favorite converse shoes to give the casual look! Voila! Easy breezy stylo mylo for this sunny Singapore! Aku butuh yang adem - adem, sis!! Mulai gerah berasanya! What I like about pleats is it's versatile yet give you a chic touch because of the details. I got the skirt long time ago and it's not even a maternity item, just a normal one with adjusted waistband so you can wear it anytime whe…

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