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Cant't Get My Eyes of You, Salzburg!

... And my heart too! 
I grew up watching The Sound of Music. Yup! It has been played in our living room since I was a little girl and one of my favorite scenes was the puppet show by the von Trap kids! And not to forget the edelweiss song, though later on I learn that it's not the national flower of Austria. Hollywood score again with the brainwashing! Aha!! Berhasil berhasil berhasil kalo kata Dora! :D
My heart sparked with joy and enthusiasm when found out that Salzburg was going to be one of our destinations during #TheNananasEuventure last year ... Like you know, I'm going to see with my own eyes those green pastures and mountain when Maria sing the hills are alive ... First thing first, I asked my husband to watch the movie so I can share the euphoria with him! Iya donk, masa ntar saya heboh sendiri agak kurang gimana gitu ya!! Mission accomplished! He managed to watch the movie before our trip and let me spoil your eyes through our humble lens, though I still think the pi…

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