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Little Miss Detective

stalker (n) : 1.person who follows and watches another person over a long period of time; 2.person who follows an animal in order to kill it; 3.person who observes and tend to be kepo (sometimes) looking other people's profile in order to gain some information.

the first two definitions are straight from my oxford's learner's pocket dictionary and the third one is my personal definition ;) just call me a stalker for being so kepo looking other people's profile, read their comments or testimonials or walls or whatever it is, .. see their photos but i'm doing that stalking activity not in order to do bad things to them. it's just i want to know their recent updates, what are they doing, what are they up to, that's all. yeah, sometimes i'm doing my stalking activity regarding to the gossips around my social life ;) pardon me for that! just my kepo side ;)

back to the first definition of stalker, i did a real stalking activity today and i didn't do it a…


i think i'm about to break my own promise for writing in bahasa. oops!
i have my own reason to write this post in bahasa actually *what an excuse* ;)

it's all starts when a good friend of mine wants to renew her driving license. nowadays, our government has a new service called "layanan sim keliling" for those who want to renew their driving license. so instead of going to official office, we could go and find this special bus that provides this service. this buses are parked in several strategic spots in jakarta. as far as i remember, i often see one of this buses parked in front of gedung pelni near gajah mada plaza. i think there should be no problem finding this big bus, isn't it?

day 01 - wed / 18-03-09
i asked my friend to accompany me to buy some stuffs. she agreed and ask me whether after that we could go to those "mobil sim keliling" and renew her license for it has been expired for ar 3 mths. i said ok. since we went to central jakarta area so …

The More You Know Me, ....

“the more you ignore me, the closer i get …”

this part of lyric might fit perfectly in term of “pedekate” situation. pedekate is abbreviation from pendekatan which means approach in english. btw, i think this post is going to be another lalala love stuff posting at the end.

first, i’m not an expert in this lalala love thingy but based on my experiences , people tend to be more aggressive in this pedekate time. you know, when you want something badly, or in this case someone, you tend to do a lot of things to get their attention, .. and the more they ignore you, the more curious you become, ..and it even make you try harder to get closer to them, .. is it? is it? or you do the other way around, the more they ignore you, you take is as a no sign and be gone?

good for you then, they give good responses, so you don’t have to try harder to get their attention, .. and bang!! here you are now, a lover. isn’t that sweet? you win their heart! you love them and they love you, what a wonderful …

Behind The Scene

hello world!

is it too late to say hello to the world? ;)

well this is not my first blog, .. i think it’s the third one , .. wait .. wait .. yup this is the third one and i hope it’s gonna be the last one. my first two blogs were deactivated, yeah for some reasons. i promise to myself that i’ll take care this one with all my heart, yeah with all my heart. btw,i’ll try to write in english as far as i can but sometimes it feels so good to write in your own language which is bahasa indonesia for me.

nowadays, internet is everybody’s bestfriend, i guess so. with this stuff called internet we can do a lot of things, see a lot of thins too and i’m so grateful for this technology. hoammmhhh so boring talking bout this internet stuff. ok, allow me to introduce you to my newest blog haha .. i named it “cintakadabra”. cinta in bahasa means love and kadabara is something that you say when you’re saying magic spell like michikalibum , or something else. i just made it. so cintakadabra means m…