Behind The Scene

hello world!

is it too late to say hello to the world? ;)

well this is not my first blog, .. i think it’s the third one , .. wait .. wait .. yup this is the third one and i hope it’s gonna be the last one. my first two blogs were deactivated, yeah for some reasons. i promise to myself that i’ll take care this one with all my heart, yeah with all my heart. btw,i’ll try to write in english as far as i can but sometimes it feels so good to write in your own language which is bahasa indonesia for me.

nowadays, internet is everybody’s bestfriend, i guess so. with this stuff called internet we can do a lot of things, see a lot of thins too and i’m so grateful for this technology. hoammmhhh so boring talking bout this internet stuff. ok, allow me to introduce you to my newest blog haha .. i named it “cintakadabra”. cinta in bahasa means love and kadabara is something that you say when you’re saying magic spell like michikalibum , or something else. i just made it. so cintakadabra means magical love , .. hahaha no, it’s not the exact meaning though. i got this “cintakadabra” word from my dearest one. suddenly he came up with this word when i was thinking about a title of one of my photo albums and i totally agree with him when i heard bout this word. you won’t find this word in any dictionary even in kamus besar bahasa indonesia. it’s such a magical word ;) you can say that “cintakadabra” means the power of love , yeah yeah .. it’s not the exact meaning too. nothing can really explain whats the exact meaning of cintakadabra. it has no meaning but actually it’s meaningful. getting confuse? same here, haha.

the bottom line is love is such a magical thing. you may say love is such a boring thing to talk about but the fact is whether you like it or not love is the generator of the universe, at least that what i thought about love. have a lalala lovely day people ;)