Little Miss Detective

stalker (n) : 1.person who follows and watches another person over a long period of time; 2.person who follows an animal in order to kill it; 3.person who observes and tend to be kepo (sometimes) looking other people's profile in order to gain some information.

the first two definitions are straight from my oxford's learner's pocket dictionary and the third one is my personal definition ;) just call me a stalker for being so kepo looking other people's profile, read their comments or testimonials or walls or whatever it is, .. see their photos but i'm doing that stalking activity not in order to do bad things to them. it's just i want to know their recent updates, what are they doing, what are they up to, that's all. yeah, sometimes i'm doing my stalking activity regarding to the gossips around my social life ;) pardon me for that! just my kepo side ;)

back to the first definition of stalker, i did a real stalking activity today and i didn't do it alone. my mother was with me, she's my partner in crime. honestly, this was her idea to stalk on my lil sis ;) so, here's the deal, .. my youngest sister was planning to watch at the cinema today with her schoolmates and we were going to pick her up after the movie finished. instead of waiting the time to pick her up, my mom decided to watch the same movie which is the confession of a shopaholic (this movie is going to be another post i guess ;)). she asked me to accompany her and i couldn't be more agree since i want to watch this movie too :)

we went to the mall, got there in time just 5 minutes before the movie start. suddenly my mom came up with this idea, the stalking idea. aha! another nod from me ;) we went to the cinema and sat at the back row , haha what a stalker! around 5 minutes after that, my sister were coming with her friends and she started to look around cinema and luckily when she was looking around, the movie was about to start! we're saved by the dark light , fiuhh

after 1,5 hours sitting and enjoying the movie, it's time to go out the cinema and lucky us again, she didn't see us. fyi, there weren't so many people watching today so is very easy for her to recognize us among those people in the cinema. we went out quickly and chose not to go to the bathroom in the cinema area to avoid meeting her. fyi again, i love the movie! ;D

the rest is nothing much actually, except my mom bought 2 shawls (bravo mami!! haha) and then my sister called us. we said we're at the mall already and asked her to meet us in front of the bakery and we went home ;) yeah, this is going to be our little secret between my mom and me ;)

i'm thinking to be a detective someday, what do you think?
am i capable enough to be a sherlock holmes? hahaha ;D