The More You Know Me, ....

“the more you ignore me, the closer i get …”

this part of lyric might fit perfectly in term of “pedekate” situation. pedekate is abbreviation from pendekatan which means approach in english. btw, i think this post is going to be another lalala love stuff posting at the end.

first, i’m not an expert in this lalala love thingy but based on my experiences , people tend to be more aggressive in this pedekate time. you know, when you want something badly, or in this case someone, you tend to do a lot of things to get their attention, .. and the more they ignore you, the more curious you become, ..and it even make you try harder to get closer to them, .. is it? is it? or you do the other way around, the more they ignore you, you take is as a no sign and be gone?

good for you then, they give good responses, so you don’t have to try harder to get their attention, .. and bang!! here you are now, a lover. isn’t that sweet? you win their heart! you love them and they love you, what a wonderful world .. and you’re starting your love journey with your loved ones. love is in the air. you enjoy every moment you spend with them. day by day, .. week by week, month by month, .. you’re getting know each other more. now you know what they like and dislike, what is their favorite food, their favorite color, and the list getting longer and longer .. until one day, something happened and you had your first fight. it’s ok then, .. nothing serious about this fight and the love journey still continue. as time goes by, you had another more fights that worse and it might hurt your feeling as well but you know that this fight it’s not the end of everything.
the more you know your partner, the more you know that there are a lot of differences between both of you. what will you do now? will you keep get closer to them and try to accept the reality or you might become further or maybe you start to ignore them, …

all i can say, having relationship is all about commitment. it depends how you commit yourself to this relationship. it depends how you see this relationship goes. some ppl think relationship just relationship, once you failed you always can have another one. the other said relationship is something that you have to manage, you have to put a lot of effort in it if. another people gave up in relationship. which one is your choice?

think wisely! act wisely!