*pamer mode on*
last week was my 25th birthday!! 25 huh? .. feels like 19 inside ;)
so, i got this wonderful poem which he made by himself from my dearest one on my birthday. i couldn't hold my tear when he was reading this poem.
thank you, pumpkin!! ;)

a simple wish for the birthday girl

today is a happy day for my princess ..
therefore i'm going to shout out loud 7 times

ein ..
happy birthday gee!!
send you lots of hugs and kisses to start your special day

zwei ..
happy birthday sweetie!!
thank you so much for being a great friend, a wonderful lover, and a terrific kisser

drei ..
happy birthday hunnie!!
let all you dreams and God's dreams for you come true

vier ..
happy birthday dear!!
i believe you are and will be great blessings for many people and the mother of lots of youth

funf ..
happy birthday my storm queen!!
keep rocking my world and turn it around so i can always see the beautiful side of life .. just as beautiful as you are .. if possible ..

sexth ..
happy birthday mama loren wannabe!!
i know you can't see into the future .. neither do i ..
but when i predict my future, i can picture myself with you for the rest of my life

sieben ..
happy birthday girlfriend!!
i never regret that 7 years i spent hoping that i will get a chance ..
finally i got my chance and you are the best blessing ever happen to me

alles gute zum geburstag!!