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just got back from bible camp in puncak for the last 3 days and i feel soooooooo blessed :) and tired as well ..

BE STRONG AND ACTION ! "...but the people who know their God will firmly resist him"

Kalo Aku Jadi Bunga, Kamu Jadi Tangkainya

"love is not finding someone to live with, it's finding someone you can't live without"

Silly Gilly

i made a super silly mistake today! i forgot to lock my car at the parking lot while having dinner with my friends ;( thanks God nothing happen .. *sigh*
i have to be more more more carefull 'bout this thing. i really do.
we had sushi for dinner tonite, .. there's a new sushi restaurant near my neighbourhood. i give 2 of 5 stars for the new restaurant.
looking forward for my nihon mura-time next week! yipppy .. ;)
good nite y'all ..

Lalala of Life

dung dung tak for the holiday! super yeayness! holiday is coming :D
no more lady gaga singing just dance in the morning, .. as i set my alarm with that song hahahaha ;D say hello to me-time ;D if someone ask me, what is your favorite day, holiday will be my answer for sure! ..

tring tring tring for the excitement in this september! will be flying to singapore soon :) i'm looking forward to watch nasi boengkoes the musical on 26th september ... fyi, my dearest raimond is one of the main cast in this production :) he's been so busy lately preparing this event. go raimond go!! i always support you, dear!!! speaking of raimond, i really miss him a lot :( being in a long distance relationship has certainly taught us about a loooooooooooot of things. honestly, the hardest part is about maintaining the relationship. it takes a lot of effort, trust me! sometimes, it can be so tiring to deal with the fact that you have a boyfriend but you don't have him around you physically, but…

"Do You Hear Me From 556 Miles Away..

... saying i miss you?"

Meet The Parents

yup yup! today is the day. my first ptm - parents-teacher's meeting and .... i was so nervous about it. well, honestly i think it's easier to deal with the children with all their activeness than the parents hohoho *no hard feelings for all the parents out there*, i prefer to have 10 children running inside my classroom rather than a conversation with the parents! oh dear, i'm start sweating ... but once again, this is part of my job. go gillian!!! surprisingly, it ran well!! thanks God!!! thanks to my dear bf too as well ;)

i had 5 meetings today and all of them gave good responses *sigh* :D
it's good to hear from someone especially the parents that their children are making improvement. feels so relieve! yeay!! i promise myself to be a better teacher in the future, .. no no .. to be the best teacher! yeah the best!!!

so people, wish me luck! .. still have another 11 parents-teacher's meeting for the next 2 days!!

A Word To Mysefl

"many things about tomorrow i don't seem to understand, but i know who holds my tomorrow and i know who hold my hands"

34 Degree Celsius

it's been 34 degree celsius burning hot for the past few days. feels like swimming all day looooonggggggggg ..

In Love With ..

meet the newest head pieces collection from Border Line ;DD

Do You Need A Treadmill?

berpacu dalam melodi!!!

"sembilan bahan pokok di dalam bercinta, jangan sampai kurang satu, bisa kurang mesranya ..."

anyone knows the answer? what is the title of this song? ok, lemme just tell you .. sembako cinta by thomas djorghi :D i'm not a dangdut mania but i can tell you this song was quite famous during the dangdut era in 90's. kalo thomas djorghi punya 9 bahan pokok cinta, nah yang satu ini cuma punya 3 doank. dia bukan pedangdut, bukan juga politikus. si dia ini adalah seorang sales dari toko alat olahraga.
minggu lalu, saya menemani seorang teman yang ingin membeli sebuah treadmill. setelah masuk ke beberapa toko, sampailah kita di toko yang menjual alat - alat olahraga ini. kami pun disambut dengan ramah dan diberi penjelasan mengenai fungsi dari treadmill" yang ada. si mas sales ini bener" semangat dalam menjalankan pekerjaanya. berikut adalah wejangan dari si mas sales yang akan saya ingat jika di kemudian hari saya ingin membeli sebuah tre…

Gigi Biru

hari/tanggal : rabu, 2 september 2009
waktu : 07.56.44"
tempat : sebuah sekolah swasta di jakarta
pelaku : 2 orang wanita
subjek : kirim lagu via hp

"liiiiiiii, mau lagu something stupidnya donk!"
"boleh", pake bluetooth ya?"
"iya - iya bluetooth aja"
"errr, ini nyalain bluetoothnya gimana ya? di on-in geto ya?"
"yaaaaaaaaaaaaa liiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, cape dhe .. sini" hape loe kasih gw aja. gw send sendiri aja"

-- the end --