Lalala of Life

dung dung tak for the holiday! super yeayness! holiday is coming :D
no more lady gaga singing just dance in the morning, .. as i set my alarm with that song hahahaha ;D say hello to me-time ;D if someone ask me, what is your favorite day, holiday will be my answer for sure! ..

tring tring tring for the excitement in this september! will be flying to singapore soon :) i'm looking forward to watch nasi boengkoes the musical on 26th september ... fyi, my dearest raimond is one of the main cast in this production :) he's been so busy lately preparing this event. go raimond go!! i always support you, dear!!! speaking of raimond, i really miss him a lot :( being in a long distance relationship has certainly taught us about a loooooooooooot of things. honestly, the hardest part is about maintaining the relationship. it takes a lot of effort, trust me! sometimes, it can be so tiring to deal with the fact that you have a boyfriend but you don't have him around you physically, but i know this relationship is worth it. hang in there, dear!

ouch ouch!! it's for the pain i felt during my facial time. all of sudden all these pimples just came out of nowhere. blame the hormone!! haha ... beauty can cause such a real pain ;p is it just me or the other women out there feel the same way like i do? ;D

last but not least, syubidup paw paw! i thank God for everything in my life. You're truly amazing, big G!!