Meet The Parents

yup yup! today is the day. my first ptm - parents-teacher's meeting and .... i was so nervous about it. well, honestly i think it's easier to deal with the children with all their activeness than the parents hohoho *no hard feelings for all the parents out there*, i prefer to have 10 children running inside my classroom rather than a conversation with the parents! oh dear, i'm start sweating ... but once again, this is part of my job. go gillian!!! surprisingly, it ran well!! thanks God!!! thanks to my dear bf too as well ;)

i had 5 meetings today and all of them gave good responses *sigh* :D
it's good to hear from someone especially the parents that their children are making improvement. feels so relieve! yeay!! i promise myself to be a better teacher in the future, .. no no .. to be the best teacher! yeah the best!!!

so people, wish me luck! .. still have another 11 parents-teacher's meeting for the next 2 days!!