Cheers For The 2010!

can't belive it!!! it's 2010 already! gosh!! time flies really fast, isn't it ..

--- HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR of 2010 !!!! ---

i wish all of you a fantastic january!

lovable february, marvelous march.

luckiest april!! enjoyable may. successful june.

wonderful july, independent august. sweetest september!! tastiest october, beautiful november, happiest december!!!!
let's rock this 2010 ~ yeah yeah yeah!!!! :D

umh, let's recall from the last posting i made .. it was in october 09 i guess hahaha lazy me! well i had all the fun in october since my bf came and we had great bandung trip with great friends! kue serabi, lapo, strawberry juice, and shopping!!! hahaha :D nothing much in november except all the hectic preparation for the annual performance and yeah we did it!! bravo to my pre - k class with the indonesian dance!! and shout hooray for the month of the year, december!! the ptm run well, got some gifts from the parents! thank youuuuuu :) got my first 13th month salary hiiihi and it's holiday time!! yipppppyyy ;D

3 weeks holiday and here i am. singapore.

well, back to the 09 life, i'm so gratefulllllllllllllll with everything that has happened in my life.. praise GOD! He's been sooooooooooooooooooooo goooooddddddddddddddd to me. i'm thanking HIM for my superb family. for my cihuiiii boyfriend. for my yahui friends! for the sipirili job, for everything. 2009 will be an unforgetable year in my life. it's been an amazing year indeed :)
it's time to begin another chapter in my life in this 2010. a year that will be full with of sweet surprises :)

i think it's time to write down my new year's resolution ..
have a blessed year ahead, people!! muacks!!