In Her Shoes

do you have your 2010 resolution already?
well, i'm still working on it. one of them is buy heels rather than flats haha ;) i love shoes! and bags too! and shoes again, and bags again haha ;D
i used to have some heels back in my home. most of them are gifts 'cause my friends know that i won't buy heels. i prefer flats than heels. the only heels left is the one i bought for my uncle's wedding and it's like few years ago. and i think 2010 is the right time to buy more heels ;)

i give all my salute for all the women out there who can wear heels for hours! especially those platform heels. salute!!! so yesterday i went to ion with nad. we stoped by at charles and keith and i fell in love with this two pairs of high heels, the brown one with the ribbon and the beige one! :) yes only two pairs .. sometimes i can fall in love with the whole entire store hahaha ;p umh, maybe short heels is more suitable since it's only 2-3 cm. sadly, i promised to my bf not to have another shopping time since i'm going back in 2 days and my luggage is fulllll .. so wait for me, heels. you'll be mine soon! hahahahahaha ;D