Hello Skype :(

it's been a week since i came home last week. and i miss singapore a bit ;p
well, my life is back to normal. back to all the routine. and i still haven't finish writing my 2010's resolution yet.

how's life so far for all you in this 2010?
is it good? do you guys enjoy it? mine is goooood so far. it's just i miss my rai so much :( it's also been a week since the last time i saw him.
cepet pulangggggggg, raimond!!!!! :p btw, he's going back next month. can't wait! yeah yeah!! call me crazy or too abg (anak baru gede-red)but when you're in love with someone and you're having a long distance relationship it's really killing you!! one of my prayer, so called resolution too in 2010 is to get a job in singapore so we can have a short distance relationship and say goodbye to mr. skype. i know that my God will always provide the best one for me,for us. so all i have to do is keep praying, keep hoping, and keep applying ;)

that's all for now. btw, i still have some pictures to show. i'll upload it later when i'm not lazy hahaha ;p
btw, i'm wondering .. is there anyone out there who read my blog? just wondering. anyway, i write this blog just for my own pleasure but still wondering hahahaha ;D

have a great week ahead for all you who read it and for me as well!!! ;p


  1. i read it gillll!!! walopun ga tiap hari. hahahahh. ;)

  2. haha terharu jadinya neh ;)
    thank you my reader hihihihiih muacks!! ;p


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