Mamee, I Love You!

hey hey you you!! how are you? how's the weather over there? is it sunny? cloudy? rainy? windy? it's rainy season here in jakarta and sometimes it can rain so heavily. just like yesterday. rain + thunder equals to flood :(
beside flood, the other thing when it comes to rain is your health. some of the students and teachers are not feeling well lately, including me. here comes the runny nose season as well :(

i'm not feeling so well today. got sore throat! huh! i think i have to stop eating this mamee monster noodle snack and drink lots of water. and exercise too. i have to do some exercises!! need to loose some weight as well. here comes another 2010 resolution, loose some weight!! talking about that sinful yet tasty snack, i just can't stop eating it. i thought i'm not going to find it here in jakarta, but God is good. yeah!! i found it yesterday in a small grocery store near my house :)
i bought one package on the first day. and another one package on the next day and the result is this sore throat.

what comes around goes around ;p


  1. hai ,gill...salam tau blog lo dari elrica...
    ini mamee yg kayak jaman kita kecil bukan yah? rasanya sama ga yah? huhuhu ngidammmmm


  2. hola mon :) is it ok if i call you mon? hehe
    salam kenal jugaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

    bukannnn, ini mamee yang malay punya. yang jaman kita kecil bungkusnya merah, terus tulisannya bener" mami, m - a - m - i ;p


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