What's Yours?

i got this email that titled the best moments in life and i truly agree with it, so i decided to repost it in my blog ;)
here is the list ..
btw, the list goes on and on ..

1. falling in love ;)
2. laughing till my stomach hurts :D
3. enjoying a ride down the country side
4. listening to my favorite song on the radio and dance to it; and dance like nobody watching! oh yeahh!!
5. going to sleep listening to the rain pouring outside ,
.. no thunder please
6. getting out of the shower and wrapping myself with a warm,
fuzzy towel ..
7. passing my final exams with good grades
8. being a part of an interesting conversation
9. finding some money in some old pants . i really like this idea, even it's only 1.000 rupiahssss ;D
10. laughing at myself
11. sharing a wonderful dinner with my besties :D
12. buying present for your beloved ones ;)
13. "accidentally" hearing someone say
something good about me :)
14. watching the sunset
15. listening to a song that reminds me of an
important person in my life :D
16. receiving or giving my first kiss ;*
17. feeling this buzz in my body when seeing this
"special"someone ;)
18. having a great time with my friends
19. seeing the one i love happy
20. wearing the shirt of a person i love and
smelling his perfume
21. visiting an old friend of mine and
remembering great memories
22. hearing someone telling me "I LOVE YOU"

23. ....
24. ........
25. ............