i heart this little miss kepo

"miss, kayla mau go to puri mall"
"what do you want to do over there, kay?"
"kayla want eat"
"what do you want to eat?"
"tempura, miss"
"can i join you?"
"no, miss ga boleh ikut. kayla go with iie"
"but i want to go with you"
"ga boleh, miss cannot"
"ok then"


"kayla, it's time to eat your fruit"
"kayla ga suka miss. i dont want"
"why? the fruit good for your health. let me see what do you bring today. oh, you bring pear"
"no miss. kayla don't want. kayla ga suka"
"come on kay, .. it tastes sweet"
"kayla ga suka. kayla sukanya orange and chocolate"
"just a bit, ok"
"no! kayla dont want. kayla want orange and chocolate"
"ok .. ok .. just tidy up your water bottle now"

"ya oloh miss gill. ya oloh miss meli"
"?!!! kaylaaaa?!!!! what is ya oloh ya oloh"
"ya oloh miss gill"
"kaylaaa .. stop it!"


"kayla can sing, miss ... i want nobody nobody but you .. i want nobody nobody but you"
*miss gill geleng geleng ;p*

"ed, ed .. kayla cabein yaaaa"
"ed, sit down, ed .. jangan bengong,ed. ntar kayla cabein ya"
*miss gill bingung ;p*