20, 21, 22 ...

a super smart friend of mine, deche sent me this link which i can access my old postings from my previous blog and i found this one.tararengkyu, deche ;) wew!! it's written two years ago when my sis was 20 and few days ago she just had her 22nd birthday. and i'm still wishing her all the best in upcoming years! happy belated birthday, de!!! 

april 17th, 2008 // sista' talk
one thursday morning, .. woke up with not sooo good feeling, cant sleep so well last nite plus those weird dreams .. ahhhhh .. i saw my sis and had this morning sista to sista converation with her. as the eldest one, i tell her about this and those, .. giving advices, and bla bla bla .. then she replied me with smile, “kak, what so baby with 20?”
that moment i realize that my sister has grown up, not a lil girl anymore, she’s a young lady now .. i remember during our primary school time when i was grade 4 and she was 1. that morning i was playing polisi maling with my friends and suddenly she came to me crying, i asked her what happend and she said one of the twin punched her tummy because they asked her to do something but she refused it. i told her to stop crying and promise that everything will be just fine. i was angry at that moment, how could you act cool when the people you love is hurt. so i told her to wait while i’m talking to the twin’s brother who is one of my friend too. i came to his brother angrily and told him what happen, what did his sister has done .. i told him to watch out his sisters and tell them to be good or he’ll be sorry! yeah yeah i knoe i knoe! jagoan abisssssssss!! that what exactly i did on that day. during those days, gladys was so small and thin and the twins are fat enough to hurt her and i dont want those thing happen again. all i want to do is protect her and make sure that she’s fine.
look at her now, .. she’s 20! got a boyfriend, .. enjoy her college time .. good dancer, good piano player, and such a good cook! and has good sense of fashion!! she does! yes! well, i have soooooo much good memories with her! she’s my partner in crime! hahahaha .. and she always be! i really thank God for her, i pray that God will always protect her and let her be the light for this generation coz i knoe God has His big plan on her! ..

You are sixteen going on seventeen
Baby, it’s time to think
Better beware, be canny and careful
Baby, you’re on the brink

You are sixteen going on seventeen
Fellows will fall in line
Eager young lads and rogues and cads
Will offer you food and wine

Totally unprepared are you
To face a world of men
Timid and shy and scared are you
Of things beyond your ken

You need someone older an wiser
Telling you what to do
I am seventeen going on eighteen
I’ll take care of you

remember this song? it’s an old song from sound of music when rolf and liesl in the park, but somehow it reminds me of my lil sis .. maybe i should change the lyric a bit, .. you are 20 going on 21 .. baby , it’s time to think!
wait until you hear the story of gianina! another sastra that will make your day more colorful! i bet she will!