ah kangennya!

so what's your best time in life? high school? college? childhood?
one of the best time in my life was back in college. i might not be the most diligent student but i just enjoyed my college time! life is not always about having fun but we have to enjoy our youth time, rite! i had so much fun during my four years study :)
ahhhhhhhhhhh kangen kangen! kangen kuliah!! kangen belajar! *i mean it*!! kangen makan warteg, kangen cabut kelas, kangen sibuk fotocopy catetan, kangen titip absen haha, kangen jualan di kampus haha!! kangen presentasi, kangen ikutan ini itu, kangen foto" narsis ga jelas haha, kangen ini kangen itu!! kangen gossip juga haha :D

well, last saturday i met several friends from my college and we had a very good laugh! we graduated last 2007, .. so it's been 3 years now. and a lot of things happen! one of my best friend is a yummy mommy now with her super cute daughter. wow!!
if i could turn back time, i would like to go to my college time for sure. to play harder and study harder as well :)

so, last saturday i met this beloved MMG and GENKGONK! fyi, mmg stands for manis manja group .. yayaya you can laugh about it since we inspired by one of famous dangdut group in indonesia :) i love that mmg name anyway hihihi :) should be for of us, but las saturday gah couldn't make it, so it's only icha the yummy mommy, ucy oneng, and me! and should be six from genkgong but only mei" and mona who could make it. ow, i just love you guys!!!
hidup MC7-1B !!!!!


icha - ucy - gill :)

i heart you guys!!

dasar gilakh!!