cihuy bihuy!!

i got an interview! super excited about it :)
i do love my current job but i've been looking for a new job in singapore. for a better future. amien!
i was checking my email yesterday and got 1 message subjected interview :)
i truly thank God for giving me this opportunity. dunno what's going to happen next, all i have to do is do my best, keep believing, and book a ticket!
so, i'm flying there by the end of this month .. oh! how i miss tori-q , .. and my rai too :)

btw, today i had a very funny convo with one of my student, nathan ..

ms. gill : where do you live, nathan?
nathan : i live in puri mall ..

*hahaha efek keseringan ke puri mall kali yeeeeee*


  1. Dapet interview ya gil?? Nice nice!!

  2. iya, ca ;)
    senang bukan kepalang !! :D
    doakan yaaaaaaaa!!


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