ra - ra - ra random!

"happy belated nyepi day"
tahun baru saka 1932

i'm grateful for who i am and for what i have but somehow, ... i feel bored with my life! everyday is just the same. the same old routine. is it normal? or there's something wrong with me? .. mungkin ini efek quarter-life dilemma kali ya! hahaha :D anyway, this week is the last week of school!! yippy! next week i'll have ptm for 3 days then i'll fly to singapore (again)! haha :D
thank you for the air ticket, mr praptana!

so here are some random things that pop on my mind ..
1. i want to join a dance class!! i miss dancing!! i might not be the best dancer in the world, or having those ballerina's legs but dancing is my passion! just love it. it makes me happy .. and that's enough for me! :D

2. my mom and her bb! yeah finally she got herself a bb bold. alesannya, "mami kan mau chatting sama temen - temen mami pake bbm itu" .. *geleng - geleng* , ibu" jaman sekarang mah ga mau kalah beneurr sama anak"nya! i'm wondering, ntar kalo aku jadi ibu" kayak gini juga ga ya?!?!! .. umh, kayaknya sih iya! HAHA ;D

3. i'm dieting again! yesh!!! and i mean it this time ;p pray for me, people!! please ..

4. i'm so blessed to have such a wonderful friends like yun and rini!! i love you guys! muach!!

5. my new sms alert is suara upin ipin!! ;p

6. my top 5 color are yellow, grey, black, brown, and white!!! and my favorite fashion item is jeans! i love brown bag! btw, fashion nowadays is so boring. no offense. it seems everybody is wearing the same piece of clothes. leather jacket, legging, stockings, you know that kind of fashion, .. vintage, edgy look, .. ya something like that lha. well, maybe those kind of fashion just not suit me well hahaha. i do have my respect for all fashion bloggers and street stylers, and fashion designers out there who has the originality, the high fashion sense. but sometimes it's just not working for several people. fashion is about your personality. you dress to express not too impress. well sometimes we dress to impress but the bottom line is, just be yourself. jangan maksa lha kalo bahasa indonya!
// style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. fashion is something that comes after style // - John Fairchild

7. feels like eating KFC now! hahaha *what a guilty pleasure* .. ;D

~ the end ;D ~