we had joy, we had fun, we had friendster in the sun

guess what?!! i just checked my friendster account and it still exist! HAHA ;D used to be a friendster junkie. umh, bulletin junkie exactly to be true! i posted a lot, .. yap lotsssss of bulbo *saelah bulbo* long times ago! hihi ;p i have 660 friends, 1413 comments and testimonials, and 11 photos ;D let me share all the photos in my friendster account :p

foot prints - dream land, bali

kebaya metal!!!

go green !!

merlion, i'm in love ;)


blurry gilly ;)

hormat grak!!!

23 and going on ..

this is my profile picture!
lala land 2009

movie movie

terima kasih :)

btw, setelah diliat", .. poto"nya bener" self-centered yak! only me and me and me ... and him. yaudah lha yaaaaaa, secara friendster gw ;p hv a blessed day, people!!