date night

yippppppyyyy :)
raimond is in town! it's way much better than santa clause when he's in town ;p
so, we had our date night last thursday.
a classic date.
dinner and movie!!
but i love it!! :)
we went to chili's at sarinah for our dinner
and watched robin hood at djakarta theater.

3 words to say, ..
all is well :)))

this combo made us full!!! ;)
the ribs was so tender and juicy! the chicken so cheesy. yummy!
the mashed potatoes is perfecto! we also added sauted mushroom to our combo :)


  1. Ane jadi kefingin makan chili bok...

  2. @ el: cuit cuit cuittt pam pam pammmm!! :))

    @bombie: katanya chili's indo lebih enak dari sg punyaaa .. katanyaaaa .. loe ajak si remon aja tuh. dia pengen nyobain chili's sg hihi ;D

  3. gil, robin hood bagus ga? lagih agak dilema mo nonton ato ga nihh..

  4. bagus looooo ;)
    beda sama cerita robin hood yang biasanya :)
    recommended :)

  5. laper gara2 liat foto makanan Y__Y

  6. iya sama, nge :)
    tiap liat foto ini gw ikutan laper lagi ;p


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