you got me :)

2 years ago, i said yes to him and guess what ..
it's one of the best decision i ever made in my life :)
people said it takes two to tango, and with him i can do more than tango. we do the rumba, salsa, jive, even dangdut ;)

it's been a wonderful 2 years and looking forward for many other years ahead.
i pray that let the Lord Himself be the center of our journey.

happy 2nd anniversary, rai! prikitiuw!!!! ;)
i just love you so much


  1. Happy 2nd anniversary yah :) I know sometimes it's not easy in LD relationship. But if you can get through it, ur relationship will get stronger than ever ^^

  2. tararengkyu jojo :)
    nice to know you , though through the blog :)


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