life lesson #456: be nice & be wise

i was having my lunch when one of my colleague who just came back from her holiday in korea came and talked to me, .. so this is what happened ...

between gillian (g) and boa (b) *not her real name
b: gillian, you haven't take this
g: ow .. it's okay .. i'll take it later
b: it's ok .. take take .. (while talking, she poured something to my lunch box) .. eat eat ..
g: ow .. okok ... thanks ..
b: ya .. ya ..

.. and she left. after she left, i saw my lunch box, .. i ate one more spoon and i was full. do you know what she has poured to my lunch box? i gave you the clue already, ... she just came back from korea! yup! it's kimchi!! and the fact is i don't like kimchi. i tried kimchi before, and i tried it in korea itself and i don't like it and it was there, on top of my rice. not on top, all over my rice. the sour kimchi with the watery sour part. lucky i ate half of my rice already. at the end, i just looked at my rice and laughed. this thing teach me a lesson. it's good to be nice, but it will be better if you are nice and wise at the same time :) my friend was just trying to be nice and nothing was wrong with that. but it would be better if she didn't pour the kimchi straight to the top of my rice :) it would be better if she let me take the kimchi by myself, .. and i can put it at the side of my lunch box and mix it with my rice and fish so it won't be that sour. overall, thank you for being nice to me, boa .. and so sorry if i only ate a bit of your kimchi. no hard feeling, okay :)

moral of the story: you have to be nice! but don't forget to be wise at the same time :)


  1. Yupe benerrr gil...
    Tp sebenernya, gw bakal ga suka ama tipe2 temen lu soalnya maksa :p Klo dibilang nanti ya nanti gitu hehehe. Plus harusnya dia jg permisi sebelum nuang ke atas lunch box lu.
    Tp itu jg buat ngingetin kita jg sih, seperti yg lu tulis^^

  2. yupp yup, dia hanya berniat baik di tempat yang salah hehehehe :p

  3. bahasa lu alus Gil,niat baik di tempat yang salah ^^

    Tapi kau emang baik sih, kali gw..akan tutup kotak makan ku en bilang " Nanti gw ambil sendiriiiiii...-_-"



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