photo session

yesterday we had photo session for the musical's booklet! so bombie asked all the dancers to wear hoodie as the dress code! we were having so much fun during the photo session. fyi, i got this super awesome nike high-cut for one of my birthday gift!!! i've been thinking to buy this kind of shoes but i have no gut! haha .. pengecutnya aku!! sampeeeee akhirnya last b'day, bombie dengan liciknya mengajak gw ke taka minta ditemenin beli sepatu tapi ternyata dia menipu dan membelikanku sepasang sepatu tinggi! HAHA .. and i'm happilly crying! ya gw cengeng!!!! and i'm happilly to wear the shoes for the photo shoot!!!! makasih bombie! gw akan buat photo closeup sepatunya segera!!!! *janji pramuka*

and i want to introduce you to this amazing girl, her name is jennyfer, but i ususally call her jentjung!!! she has the coolest style ever!!!! yeah!! you go jen!!
i love all her stuff! her shoes, her jacket, her hats, her caps, her personality!! she's our bassist as well in the youth service!!! yesterday i forced her to bring her camera so i could take pic together with her using my new shoes!! hahaha ... well, do i look like the true hiphoperrr?? LOL!!! it's not too old for a 27 years old woman to wear a high cut!! yeah!!!!

i took picture with my hubby as well!! he's playing the antagonist role in our upcoming musical fyi!! he's a good actor indeed! bukan muji tapi emang kenyataan. soalnya gw kaga bisa acting sama sekali! it's not my thing! dancing is my thing!! hahaha :)

my birthday post will coming soon!! i'm dying to blog all the madness happened during my birthday, .. but for now just enjoy this one first!!!