the assistant

meet sofie, my lil assistant!! :)

"jiyen, sassy want"
"jiyen, daddy where?"
"jiyen, eat mamam? nice? nice?" *sambil ngeliatin gw makan*
"jiyen, i want milk"
"jiyen, i take tissue"
"i want go baybound"
"i want sing a-b-c-d"
"no, no, .. i want bus. baby wee wee wee"
"sing sish sish .. bubble .. slash!"

fyi, jiyen means gillian, and yes she always call me by my name, .. dunno why it seems so hard to call me teacher gillian but i just love the way she call me like that. secondly, sassy it's for sofie! she can't pronounce the f sound. instead of saying sofie, she call herself sassy. irfan will become irsan, fish will become sish. last, baybound is the way she say playground. she is very smart,chatty, helpful cenderung ke arah busy body, yet lovable!! the fact that she's going to withdraw end of this year make me sad. she's the one who always greet me every morning with her high-pitch voice. you should see the way she talk and i'm sure you're gonna love her. i'm gonna miss you my chatty sassy :)