writing skills

what a title?!
well, i'm not trying to be an expert about writing skills here as i know some of you are better writer than me. i'm just practicing my english writing skills since i have this english language studies and academic writing skills exam tomorrow *sigh*

si abang has been telling me to write my blog in english but i don't feel confident enough to write in english. i'm more comfortable writing in bahasa because it's my mother tongue language. when you write in english you have to pay more attention to the grammar which is i'm not very good at it and the other reason is my vocabulary. i find it very hard to put the right english word in order to translate it from bahasa especially when it comes to jokes and convo. i just don't feel confident enough writing in english. back to si abang, he's been my loyal reader since i started my blog even my previous blog before this and since that moment he's been asking me to write my blog in english. btw, his blog is in english and somehow he know how use the right words at the right time with the right grammar compared to me.

maybe some of you are thinking what this woman is talking about since i've been working here and talking in english as well in my daily life, .. and singlish for now hehe, .. but when it comes to write in proper english, i'm dead meat!! you know what, maybe i should just take the risk, i have to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to be a better writer without thinking what other people thinks about my lousy english ;p

if you notice, i did start my blog in english. i did it with the same reason; to improve my english, but as time goes by i gave a lot of excuses to myself and ended up writing in bahasa again. in my opinion, i'm an indonesian then why should i write in english?! and i don't mind having bahasa speaking reader only but on the other hand i think i'm selfish. wouldn't it be great if i can share my thoughts with any other people apart from the world who might accidentally jump into my blog *pede jaya* ;) please bear with me people as i'm learning to write my entries in english. and bahasa too!! hehehe ;D and please do correct my grammar or anything if you find it wrong.
like i said, i'm just trying to improve my english writing skills ;)

i found this interesting quote from my text book for tomorrow exam which is very encouraging.

"good writing does not just happen. the best writers spend a great deal of time thinking, planning, rewriting, and editing" - Elizabeth West

happy writing, peeps!! :)

edited by bia ;) thanks, bi HAHA ;D