i'm feeling blue ...

outside and pink inside!!! :D
i wake up every morning feeling grateful for the new day and confuse at the same time thinking what should i wear today ;p i'm not to try to be a fashion blogger here but i do love fashion!! i describe my style as happy-go-lucky. it simply because i don't have any specific style or any signature style. i just wear what i want to wear that day. i can be very sporty with my high-cut nike shoes *wink to bombie* but on the other hand you can see me so girlie with my dress. i can be monochrome and rainbow on the next day. i can go plain. i can be accessorized. i am what i am ;)

today i picked this blue polkadot top and blue pants *it looks black in the pic, but it's blue*and not to forget my blue bag as well :) i'm in the mood for blue. as blue as the sky this morning :)

speaking about fashion, style, and everything, .. it doesn't always show your real personality. doesn't mean you're a rebellious if you're wearing a leather jacket with leather pants and some studs accessories. people tend to judge by what we wear and sometimes i do so but once again i'm being reminded again by God that no matter how funny or nerdy or classy our outfit He still loves you thiissssssssssssss much. the world may judge you for what you wear but He won't :)

God gives us creativity and free will. you can choose any fashion style. you can mix and match any colour and any pattern but there are some important things that you must remember due to your fashion sense. honor God. honor yourself.

" .... you were bought at a price. therefore honor God with your body" 1 corinthians 6:20