Apple, Blackberry .. or Orange?

saying hello from rainy singapore! #lambai-lambai di bawah payung sambil cengengesan ;p

somehow weather can affect my mood and i tend to wear dark color during this kind of season. sooooo i decided to take out my orange bag for a walk yesterday, paired it with my grey tee and black skirt so i didn't look so gloomy since singapore has been raining like cat and dog lately. another theory that popped in my mind when i chose skirt over pants, "it will be easier to dry your wet legs rather than your pants" aha! what such a brilliant theory ;)

turned out yesterday was a good saturday .. went to fetch ps. floyd ellsworth at hyatt and blessed by his ministry at our youth service, continued with having dinner at ewf - everything with fries at orchard central and enjoyed my nonsense conversation with the royals .. last but not least, entertained by chuil who was practicing his goyang gergaji all night long hahaha .. it was so hilarious!!! ;D .. though late at night i had a little argument with abang but we managed to settle it .. i called it a day!! :)


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