I'm so ..

.. looking forward to go back to indo!
and before that can happen there are couple things to be done ..
  • group presentation
  • PTC alias rapotan this saturday
  • yoga & fani's wedding
  • personal reflection on taare zammen par movie ..
  • exam!! :(
  • willy & yoan's wedding
  • group assingment .. which the due date is 26 december! are you kidding me?!! told my group mates already to do it before holiday week and they just hav the same thouhgt like me! me likey!
  • tea session for the new parents .. and not to forget the power point slides
  • setting up my new class and learning corners for next year .. i'm taking N1 again btw
  • dance practice for 1st december .. btw, are we still going to have mob, bombie?! ;p
  • the royals christmas dinner
  • diet! oh yeah! HAHA
  • admin stuff for my new class
  • decorate my new class .. and there goes my saturday :(
  • meeting with the N1 teachers and laoshi to discuss next year time table
  • TLG appreciation dinner :)
  • draw my class layout
  • packing hehe ;p
  • christmas shooping! me likey!! ;)

.. oh yeah! life can be so mean to you sometimes .. ;p
i managed to finish all my PTC files and wait for my principal to acknowledge it .. and here i am taking my break with blogging hehehe .. despite all those hecticnesssss, busyness, tiredness, and the other nesss in my life there are things that keep me sane .. my God!! my dear abang, the voice HAHAHA .. i vote for nicholas david!! and last but not least my blog!..  i find happiness in blogging. that's it! that's enough to keep me sane ..

stay sane, people! it's 5 weeks to christmas!!!! ;D


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    1. thanks lid!! beberapa udah mulai kecoret koq daftarnya ;)

  2. waks! banyak bener.. hahaha.. and some of them sound fun ;) good luck for your exam!

    1. hihihi iya nehhh banyakkk hehehe .. makasihhhhhhhhhhh nov ;)


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