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Chemistry for Dummies

SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all my muslim friends!! enjoy your raya!!!! ;) 

.. and happy midweek, people!
one of the best midweek haha .. i'm flying off to jakarta tonight .. yeah!!! thank God for this long weekend, no need to apply leave though since only this morning the higher authority was acting out again about my leave! oh dear!!! don't let her ruin my mood! :)

for the past 28 years in my life, i never studied chemistry. even in my high school as i chose to enjoy my high school by choosing vocational school hehehe, yeah the lazy part of me! and as far as i know i don't think i need to learn chemistry .. the only chemistry i know is the love chemistry!!! basiiiiiiii banget ga sih! HAHAHA :) yeah chemistry between man and woman! hahaha .. i never learnt about those beehives with all those weird names, 'till i married to a chemist!!! :)

yup! abang gw tukang kimia, cuy! ;)

he's working in a lab, using those white lab coat and safety boots and not to forget the glasses! s…

Erev Tov, Israel!

okay, it's time to settle the unfinished business ..

lanjuutttt, mang!
kita pindah hotel lagiii .. from betlehem to jerusalem, and now galilee aka galilea .. dan ga tanggung - tanggung kita 5 hari aje di sini. this is going to be our last stay before heading to turkey ..