Dear Gladys,

errr...., when was the last time i call you Gladys?! can't recall!! forever will call you "De" though!

De, I'm coming home again tonight .. yup this time to attend your wedding!! OHEMJI!! a wedding?!! seriously?!! how old are you now?! maybe I should ask myself first how old am i this year HAHAHA ... and i just realised that i was married at the same age like yours, .. 26!! time flies too fast!! way toooooo fassstttt!!!! bumi memanggil doraemon! bumi memanggil doraemon!! butuh mesin buat men-freeze-kan waktu!!! 

De, it seems like yesterday when i was preparing stuff for my wedding and now it's your turn!! Gia kapan nih?!! HAHAHA.. confirm I'm going to cry like nobody business tomorrow, .. and fyi, it's tears of joy!! in fact, I'm tearing while typing this!! am I normal?!! I don't think so!! HAHAHA .. note for Raimond, please bear with my tears during this weekend. for Yun, please sit next to me all the time, jadi gw ada temennya!!! and Rini, please don't say anything!! PLEASE!!!! just hand in the tissue for me! and Yun too ..

De, I pray and I believe you'll have a blessed and wonderful marriage life like mine! oh yeah!! to be honest with you, it's not going to be a smooth sailing ride all the time, .. a little bumpy road here and there but at the end it's going to be worth it .. the fact you're going to marry the right guy, the man that you love, si ekiiiiii marikiii ..  make this journey even delightful .. and adventurous if i may say!! i believe you will grow more as a woman, .. as a wife, .. as a mom too! not so soon i guess! hehe.. and you'll grow as a couple as well .. 

De, saying "i do" is just the beginning of everything! maybe not everything, ... quarter of everything hehe .. it's a big milestones in someone's life! at least for me! but no matter what happen, make Jesus as the centre of  your life! of your marriage life!! no argue about that on this .. let His love be the foundation of your relationship with eki, .. let His Words be your guide through this whole new journey, .. marriage life can be nasty sometimes hehe .. hell yeah haha ... but I can guarantee when you put Jesus first above all things, everything is gonna be just fine! trust me! been there done that .. and still doing it :)

De, I have no idea how long this post going to be .. but who cares, I'm still and always be your elder sister so in this case, I still get the priority! :) I'm going to blabber whatever I want to say coz I know the moment I see you tonight I'll be speechless! not literally speechless, but I'll be busy with those to-do-list stuff you already given to me .. btw, tas pinggang eike udah disiapin belom?! apa sekalian tas ransel aja?! HAHAHAHA :D

De, let's recall some old good KRAZEY memories!! first and foremost, our beyonce video! yeah that one, you know what i mean .. what on earth we did that day?! I really hope the video was lost and burnt somehow!! what was in our mind?! can't believe myself .. oh! do you remember how I made you slide down from loteng to the living room using mom's bed sheet? hihihihi .. that was fun!!! shall we do that again tonight?!! we can ask Gia to join us this time around!! wohooooo ... papa will faint immediately I guess .. oh De, allow me to say sorry again for being a lousy playdate partner, for always fell asleep time whenever we play dokter - dokteran! i just can't help it HOHOHO .. but you're always be the best play partner ever! dari masak - masakan, maen barbie, polly pocket, sampe maen tanah! 

De, thank you for being such a great sister to me! I really mean it when I say that you are such a GREAT SISTER with all capital letters! and bolded and GORJESSSSS too! can i add AMAZING and LOVELY as well?! coz you are one!! there's a time, maybe most of the time I act so bitchy!! but you will always be there for me, accept, and love me for who I am .. I think you have no option in that case! hahaha .. thank you for listening all my rubbish talk! thank you for supporting my "bingung" dance and all others my nonsense dances and moves!! HAHAHA .. thank you for letting me always be the number one in my family .... for bearing with all my selfishness and pride! and foolishnessssss too!!! for teaching me how to put on make up, for being a good example when it comes to perseverance, honesty, and loyalty! thank you thank you thank you for keeping up with me all this times! not to forget, thank you for being a great shopping partner!!! we score A for this!! thank you for many many things that you have done and you may not even realised it but it means a lot for me! THANK YOU, SIS!!!!  i really cherish our sisterhood! the fact that now I'm joining the Praptanas gang and soon you'll be joining the Kencana Kusnadi clan but we know that Sastra will always be our last name! berasa ribet gw nulisnya nih! HAHAHA .. #sastrasistersforlife!!!

De, things are going to be different but that's okay! sometimes change are good! tapiii ntar kalo pulang ke sunrise ada siapa donk?!! ada Gia sih!! please tell Eki to let you have a sleepover at sunrise once in a while when I go back home! and we can have those maca - maca nite again!! hehehe .. I really have mixed feeling now! words can't describe how happy I am for you! and Eki too!! feels really like yesterday when we started to learn how to drive the car HAHA .. how papa will be senewen every time we're driving .. oh my dear Gladys, I'm really proud to have a sister like you! I love you to the moon and back, .. and to the sun and to all the milkyway!! 

De, I pray that the God who gives hope will fill you with much joy an peace as you trust in him forever in your life! Then you will have more and more hope, and it will flow out of you by the power of the Holy Spirit! Amen!!! 

De, .. this post have to come to an end somehow!!! welcome to the club!! enjoy the "gift"!! *wink* .. senter mana senter?!!! HAHAHA .. and cheers for your new beginning!! *tiup terompet taon baru sambil bawa tanjidor keliling komplek!!! plus pasang layar tancep setel pelem bang rhoma macam kita biasa liat dari loteng kalo ada selametan di kampung sebelah!*


your tentacle sister! HAHAHA .. you know i know! and Gia knows too!!! psssttt .. it's our secret! 

cheers! to infinity and beyond!! best sistah' .. boleh sis cek ig kita! lho?!! ;)


  1. Doraemon dataaaaaang!!

  2. ahh.. ikut terharu bacanya.. *berkaca-kaca*.. the gift of sisterhood..
    congrats ya buat gladys & eki :)

    oh! polly pocket! gue juga punya tuh.. masih disimpen sampe sekarang.. lucu2 banget..

    1. *kasih tissue* ;)
      maen pet shop juga ga nov? ;)

  3. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

  4. Mana Beyonce Video nyaaaa??
    Aplod dong...aploood..halah...

    Senengnyaaaa bisa punya sodara cewek yah...
    Adek ku cowok dua dua nyaaa :)
    Dan mereka selalu menggerecoki daku...hihihi...

    1. ampun mbak!! jangan!! bisa langsung bumi gonjang ganjing nyaingin ramenya pemililhan presiden ntar!!!! HAHAHAHA ... haha sekarang aku juga punya ade cowo jadinyaa hahaha ..

  5. huaaa.. kok baca ini jadi kangen adekku yaaa.. hihihi..
    Tapi seneng ih liatnya.. keliatan kompak banget kalian berdua..

    1. nasib kita di perantauan ya mbak ..
      hihih kompak kalo lagi lempeng otaknya, klo error ya error aja HAHAHA


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