Look Through My Window

.. and tell me what do you see! 
like some of you know, I've been living in this little red dot for quite few years now and by that means we also stay in our little house, i mean compared to our house in Indo, kalo kata orang kayak kandang burung! HAHAHA .. most of the people here stay either in HDB or condo, and those who are rich enough can afford to buy a landed house .. tanah mahal bujubile minjani bok! so we've been staying in our HDB since we got married and to get this HDB will be another story. btw, what am I talking about?!! let's get back to my main idea for this post .. 

i snapped some pictures from our window! just for fun! and for the sake spending my sunday morning since I have nothing to do till later part of the day .. I'm not a pro here, way to farrrr from the word professional. I'm just one hore - hore picture taker! I don't even dare to use the word photographer .. so please take a look through my window and tell me what do you see! btw, we stay on the 12th floor! with badminton court under our block, basketball court behind our block which is heaven for abang! HAHA .. it's a walking distance to the swimming complex and not to forget bowling alley and stadium as well! and just found out we had KFC around our neighbourhood! yeah! God is good, we're surrounded by all the goodness! on top of that, sushi tei is 2 bus stop away from our place! woot woot!!! so nothing to complain about! though doing household chores can be very very very tough sometimes HAHAHA ..

happy Sunday all! and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mommies out there!! abundance blessings and joy for all of you, moms!! .. and yeah hopefully I can join the troops next year! *wink* do you have any idea why Indo celebrate the mother's day on December 22 instead of today as well?! umh, let's think positively and say Indo don't want to be mainstream! mau hipster! HOHO ..
happy sunday again!!! :)


  1. I see.... jemuran!!
    lots of them... hehehe

    1. seratus buat kamu! hahaha .. ini aja masih kurang banyak berasanyaaa yak! biasa kan lebih banyakkk .. kalo situ landed yaaa?! HOHOHOHOHO .

  2. tgl 22 itu bukan hari Mama tapi hari wanita gitu deh Gill..hehe.. Tanggal 22 karena itu dulu tanggal kongres perempuan indo..hehe..

    Btw, disana ga ada balkon yah Gill? Jemuran pernah ada yg terbang gak? :p

    1. oooowww geto! tapi perasaan di indo lebih beken hari ibunyaaa yak .. apa gw salah lagi nih?! mohon pencerahannya neng happy!

      tergantung, py .. ada yang ada balkonnya ... kalo HDB lama rata2 ada balkonnya, klo uda dienblock ulang balkonnya ikut ilang .. hahaha .. ada sih jemuran yang terbang cuma jarangggg ... di sini ya begitu caranya, pake pole dimasukkin ke lobang2 yang ada terus dijeput pake jepitan segede2 gaban :) ayo cepet2 kesiniiii ..


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