Say a Little Prayer for Me

*huff huff tiup - tiup debu*

how's everybody doing?! i hope you guys are doing and great .. and i remembered what my husband quoted from the book he read. it said, "if it's not great, it's not the end!" so yeah hang on there!!! for me, myself, i'm living that quote rite now .. umh, i really want to share about a lot of things with you guys but i don't think this is the right time .. once everything settle then i'll  be happily share with all of you! so meanwhile, kindly say my name in your prayer ... and let me say thank you in advance for that!! :)

so this is it for now .. and have a great day ahead, peeps!!! like what May said, if you're having bad day .. bear in mind it will only last for 24 hours at least .. or less than that ;)

3 more days to Youth Night!
2 more weeks to meet the parents!
3 more weeks to meet new parents!
6 more weeks to whale watching!!

counting down the days with putting my hope high!!!!!
His grace is sufficient for me! :)


  1. Whale watching dimanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!!! Sepertinya seruuuuuuuuuuuu

    1. di laut! HAHA .. pengen ditampar ga may?!! tampar sini tamparrrrr HAHAHAHA ..

  2. heii bu guru! gw baru liat nih postingannya. hope everything is better now :) semangat kakakkkkk!!

    1. hei ibu designer! terima kasih kakak!!!!! :)


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