XOXO, ...

I have been neglecting this space due to some commitments, name it school, work, holiday, housework, laziness!! try to make time to write and update this baby .. so here I am on Saturday morning of the national day updating my blog! 

shout out to SINGAPORE!! 
it's been a wonderful journey for the past 4 years with you .. and looking forward to the next one! .. 

a little update from my awesome life! yeah!! I proclaim it awesome!! HAHAHA .. I am done with my field practicum 3 and waiting for this coming Thursday to have the 4th one! and after updating this blog I am going to back to student mode on .. let's do this!!! last lap of my diploma years in early childhood education!! wohooooo!!! 

been so annoying for the past 1 week that caused a big argument between me and abang but we are okay now .. he's such a sweet man! he bought flower for me, my favorite mamak kwayteow as well .. though I am the one who is really annoying!!! love you baby! KISS KISS!! i also joined #restartphotochallenge .. and I think this will be the first and the last photo challenge that I'll ever join HAHAHA .. but let's see how. I like to change my mind sometimes ;) ummh, what else ... oh!! I have been wanting to post some pictures from our Sydney trip! I'll do it soon!! *pinky swear* 

apa lagi yaaa .. errr .. i know!!! i bought new mop!! penting kali yaa! penting!! so my previous mop was from my landlord and it served me well .. itu pel yang tangkai panjang terus embernya warna kuning macem professional cleaning service dhe! then I saw this mop di kantor baru gw yang lebih fantastis menurut gw! tangkainya tetep masih tangkai panjang tapi dia bisa muter - muter ke bawah kalo pas kita mau peres aer dari pelnya .. ngerti ga?! HAHAHA .. gw rasa gw udah mulai mengidap sindrom ibu - ibu yang kalap liat alat rumah tangga yang cihuy! HAHAHA .. dan kali ini warna kaen pel gw dan embernya ungu .. sebenernya pengen warna ijo gonjreng tapi sayangnya ga ada, cuma tinggal itu satu semata wayang and I am one happy kiddo! udah 2x ngepel pake itu dan masih dalam level beginner make pelnya! bussetttt dhe, ini ngepel apa ikut kelas pencak silat pake level - levelan segala!! 

gw juga udah berhasil masak nasi tim! HAHA .. maklum baru punya dandang baru pas kemaren dibawain gia dari indo! sebenernya di sini ada jual dandang sih cuma ya cuma ngomong doank ga beli - beli dan akhirnya emak gw gemes jadilah gw dibawaain dandang dari indo dan proyek pertama adalah nasi tim! *lambai - lambai* ... rasanya udah pas cuma tekstur nasinya masih agak keras dan gw udah tau kenapa hehehe .. dan proyek kedua adalah ngangetin siomay HAHAHA .. ga penting emang! ;)

next, I'm very excited for the screening of TLG MOVIE!!! wohoooooooooooooo!!! this movie is our own original production .. we have been doing this movie for the pas 1.5 years! OH MY!! been through ups and downs and all I can say is GOD IS AWESOME! His grace is sufficient for our movie production. gw sendiri ga terlibat secara langsung dalam keseleuruhan produksi tapi gw nemenin si abang secara langsung since he is the screenwriter cum director cum seksi repot semuanya. our premiere will be next Saturday, 16 August 2014 and the tickets are sold out!!! but it you are in Singapore and willing to watch, we still have some other dates, 17 Augusts, 23 August, and 24 August! It's an independence movie titled "Saatnya Untuk Pergi?" ... and worry not we have the English subtitles if you're willing to bring your friend! hats off!! kudos for all the TLG movie family!!! I think everybody is great!!!! yesshh, all of you!!! 

last but not least another event by TLG, .. RESTART - restoring every heart! our annual bible camp! 29 - 31 August 2014 located at NSRCC - National Service Resort Country Club at 10 Changi Coast Walk. come and join us and get your heart restored!! for more info follow @thelastgenerationsg :)

I think that's all .. oh! I'm turning 30 in anytime soon! and that's one of the reasons why I was so annoying for the past one week! HOHOHO .. 27, 28, 29 gw bisa terima .. and cherish it! but 30??!! it's like a totally different thing .. yeah call me drama queen but I just being honest! wait 'till you reach that number .. or maybe you won't exaggerate it like me HOHO ... people say it's just a number. just a number palelu! not being angry here just being lebay! again! HAHAHA .. gw rasa gw akan embrace my 30 at some point but maybe not within this week HAHAHA .. 

so yeah! have a great Saturday people!! and I got my ripped jeans too! HAHAHA .. super ga penting!!!! stay healthy, stay alive!!!! eat well and live well!!! enjoy the ride coz it's going to be AWESOME AUGUST!!! :D