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anybody but Adam, ...

oops!! sorry to all Adam Levine's fan out there! no hard feeling, .. it's just preference .. been enjoying the voice season 7 so far and not to forget welcoming the new judges, Pharrell and Gwen!! and for me, the best part is always the blind audition ..
watching the voice, browsing the net, ... playing with my new microwave ..  that's life after class and ..
... it is AWESOME!!

My Dear, ...

yes! we love you and support you!
no! you're not being silly, .. just being stubborn ;)
yes! we got your back!
no! you're not playing the bad guy role. on the other hand, you're doing yourself a favor! big one!
yes! be honest!
no! don't give false hope ..

I Judge The Book By Its Cover ...

and i don't like it!

sisi kebitchy-an gw tuh sering banget judge the book by its cover! padahal udah sering salah tapi tetep aja dilakuin. emang dasar manusia ye, ga pernah belajar! *toyor diri sendiri* satu hal gw bersyukur kalo gw bukan Tuhan, gw kebayang gimana resenya gw kalo gw jadi Tuhan. mungkin liat cewe yang duduk sembarangan bisa gw langsung samber petir HAHA, atau liat cewe yang terlalu lenje dimata gw bisa langsung gw rubah jadi trenggiling kali. liat cowo yang klemer - klemer bisa gw sulap jadi baskom atau gayung kali. pada intinya, thank God i'm not God! HAHAHA


retail therapy could be fun! oh well, it is fun indeed!! but sometimes looking at these fishes could be way more fun! yup yup yup!! geared up with our humble camera and free tickets, .. yes it was free, baby, .. and we're ready to explore SEA Aquarium at Sentosa .. among all those aquariums I ever visited, this one was just nice for me. my favorite was Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa .. lumayan jauh ya, cin!! hence we still had fun!! 
so here are some snapshots from our new friends!