anybody but Adam, ...

oops!! sorry to all Adam Levine's fan out there! no hard feeling, .. it's just preference .. been enjoying the voice season 7 so far and not to forget welcoming the new judges, Pharrell and Gwen!! and for me, the best part is always the blind audition ..

watching the voice, browsing the net, ... playing with my new microwave .. 
that's life after class and ..

... it is AWESOME!!

oh yeah!! for the past 4 weeks I've been submitting assignment over assignment and trust me it was horrible! every Wednesday was the due date and I was like ... why Wednesday?!! kenapa oh kenapa?!! once you submit your assignment, all you want to do is leyeh - leyeh since the next day is Thursday and followed by Friday, .. and the weekend! who want to do assignment on weekend?! but then, once the weekend is over you only have Monday, Tuesday, .. and what? Wednesday again!! oh my!! anyway, it's over!!! I'm one Wednesday-Assignment-Survivor!! HAHAHA :D

I've been enjoying life ever since! my mondays-wednesdays-fridays are back!! wohoooo!! started my freedom with watching Raisa's first solo concert! and she's very pretty!! and her voice was amazing!! signing up to be a fan girl .. HOHOHOHO .. kudos to flabbergast production for the event! thanks Owen and Rudy for having me and keke that night! we had so much fun!!! *sambil lambai - lambai tangan nyanyi, could it be love .. could it be love* :)

been going out for dinner with friends, back to FA .. oh yeah!!! then back to the kitchen! maksudnya cuma bolak balik dapur masak indomie sama goreng cumi doank HAHAHA .. lately abangku yang lebih sering masuk dapur dan memasak ini itu buat istrinya hihihihi .. gw pulang kantor tinggal mangap doank!! bukan istri durhaka yaaa, .. suaminya aja yang maksa! ya kali ditolak permintaan suami buat masak hihihihi ... so far I'm adjusting well to my old pattern after the last three years!!

cheers to my new life! HAHAHA :D


  1. nonton the voice emang paling seru pas blind audition nya doang. setelah itu gua gak ngikutin lagi. hahaha.

    raisa ini lagi terkenal ya di indo....

    1. iyaaa bener!!! rasanya gw pengen ikutan mencet tombolnya yaaaa ...
      iya si raisa lagi jaid rising star nih di indo :) .. mungkin ke depannya gw bakal nonton konsernya emma :)

  2. hoki banget ci dapet suami rajin masak hahaha

    1. berkat, mey!!! ;) hihihihi .. doa aku biar suami mau gosok baju belom kesampean nih hahahaha *ngelunjak*

  3. Raisa konser di singapur ya? ihhh aku yg di jkt aja blom pernah nonton!

  4. gil, raisa tuh sama kaya lo doyan kulit ayam ke ef si loh..
    sampe dibikin lagu tribute.. kulit be love... kulitt be lovee..
    *senyum nyinyir*


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