My Dear, ...

yes! we love you and support you!
no! you're not being silly, .. just being stubborn ;)
yes! we got your back!
no! you're not playing the bad guy role. on the other hand, you're doing yourself a favor! big one!
yes! be honest!
no! don't give false hope ..

yes! so just be firm :)
no! we don't judge you ..
yes! indeed we care about you
no! it's not going to be easy ..
yes! but it will make you stronger!
no! not by your own strength
yes! His grace is sufficient for you to go through this
no! we are not perfect either, ..
yes! been there too :)
no! we don't talk behind your back
yes! we tell you what you need to hear
no! you are not alone ..
yes! that's what family are for, my dear!
no! never give up on hope and love
yes! He knows what's the best for you in His time :)
yes! embrace the journey!
yes! keep on smiling!
yes! keep on shining!
yes! the best is yet to come!
yes! you're precious!