A Mom's Prayer

my son,

let praise and worship be the music to your ear
let the presence of God be your comfort
let prayers be the source of your strength in your life
rise up and shine, my son!
His grace will cover you
His mercy and favor will follow you wherever you go
like the arrow in the hand of a warrior, and shall your life will be in His hands
for the Lord is good and His love endures upon you forever

OHGS, singapore, 17 january 2015

so, it's a boy, everybody!! :)


  1. Aaaahhhh....salah nebak,,, gak apa deh ya, ttp dapet hadiah hiburan khan? Hahahahahahaha....... Bentar lagi rai ada temen main!

    1. hihihihihiihi ... dapet sebuah cium jauh buat tante nancy, om bobby dan dede kecil :)
      iyaaa udah mau pasang ring basket aja diaaa hahaha

  2. Yeayy.. Bener tebakan akuhh. :D Sehat2 yahh ^^,

    1. hihihi iya tepat mengenai sasaran :)
      makasih py!! lancar2 juga ya kamu buat kawinan :)

  3. ikh bener cowo yaaa.. congrat yaaaaa.. :)

  4. Boy... Haha gw kepikiran gt pas liat fotonya


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