The Rainbow Theory

i bought this book way long time ago before,... for the sake that what a cute book! and i-will-need-it-someday! got it from the second hand book shop at Bras Basah Complex for less than $10! can't really remember how much but it was a good bargain!! so yeah my inner shopper instinct whispered "grab it!" .. and it is a good one!! btw, if you're planning to come to Singapore and tired of the mainstream attractions, maybe you can drop by to Bras Basah Complex area and get yourself dozens of second hand book with good price! :)

honestly, the earlier part of pregnancy drove me a lil bit crazy with lots of people telling me to do this and that, .. not to do this and that, not too forget what you can and can't eat! i was overwhelmed! i tried to digest it and just take the positive side! simply because they care!! and I'm back to my happy pregnancy mode!! *emang sanguine sejatiii, pusingnya cuma ya paling 10 menitan hahaha*

oh well, what i did was went to my gynae and asked her,

me: doc, is there any food that i really can't eat .. you know people keep telling me not to eat this and that .. and i'm start getting confused!
doc: basically you can eat anything but the raw one, like sashimi!
me: okay! what about instant noodle?! hehehe .. 
doc: you're not eating it everyday rite? once in a while should be fine!
me: alright!!
doc: just eat everything in moderate
me: okay! 

i came up with this theory based on what my gynae said, books i read, googling, what people said, and of course my own thinking! aha!! so i call it THE RAINBOW THEORY!

just like a rainbow has different beautiful colours! yup! the mejikuhibiniu!! hahaha .. and so our plate supposed to be! as colourful as rainbow .. eat different types of fruits, different types of veggies, .. simply because different fruits and different veggies will give you different vitamins for your body! just remember one thing, in moderate serving and portion! and myself, i'm one considered lucky .. not lucky! favored preggie woman with no morning sick and cravings! yup!! and who's the one super lucky husband?! of course abang!!!

"rai, makan kfc yuk!!
"rai, mau makan bakmi ga?!
"rai, perkedel kayaknya enak yaaa"
"rai, aku pengen makan indomie nih"
"aku abis makan nasi briyani"
"makan apa kamu? kalo aku makan subway?"

so for the past 20 weeks I've been eating everything from nasi lemak to nasi briyani, from indomie to kfc, from all the greenies and fruits, oatmeal to salted egg pork! from roasted pork to chocolate milkshake! the difference is only the portion!before pregnant i can eat the whole portion, but currently half portion will be more than enough for me ... and who's the happiest man again?! abang!! HAHAHA .. 

back to the rainbow theory!! in my opinion, basically you can eat anything and everything but!! yes there is a but part .. just being reminded that now you're entrusted to take care of another tiny little human being in  your tummy who eats whatever you eat. i remember once the aunty in my school asked me not to eat banana, and i was like what?! what's wrong with banana! and other day she told me not too eat the rock melon! anyway i still ate it! hehe .. they are fruits what?!! i appreciate people who tell me what to eat and not to eat with logical reason behind it and not with katanya sih or kata orang yaaa ...  which you have no idea whether it's true or not .. and thank God that we live in the internet era, when I'm in doubt, just google it!!! and somehow somewhat you'll find the answer and again you'll become one happy preggie woman. 

there are some food that i really avoid such as oysters and the gang, be it clams, or his friends! waving goodbye to kerang dara, kerang bambu, ... i also don't eat sashimi obviously but i do still eat sushi. only God knows how tasty that salmon menthai melts in your mouth HOHO .. i don't eat herbal soup as you'll never know what's the side effect of the herbs to the baby .. i don't eat feta cheese as well, and i think that's all for now .. the rest will go into in my mouth as per normal ..

what about craving?! i think it's normal considering your hormones changing and .. it's like any other days when you're not pregnant and suddenly you're craving for something! but maybe in this pregnancy case it become more as sometimes you feel like eating this food rather than that food because of that reason again, the change in your body! yeah let's blame the hormones again!! HOHO .. and i do agree with people saying when you're pregnant you tend to look for something sour as the sour taste helps you to ease the nausea .. it works for me when i feel a bit nausea because of the flux or gas in my tummy! a sip of gula asem will do for me! hehehe :)

at the end of the day, i think it depends on somebody's immunity, health history, .. and maybe their character also! kalo kata orang pembawaan .. so it's not fair to judge and compare one preggie with the other coz everybody is different. every mother is special and also their baby!! anyway, this is just my theory .. you may like it or not .. no obligation, no hard feeling! 

so cheers to all the preggies! and mommies! and daddies too! biar adil ;)

last but not least, thanks to novi who told me about the baby belt!! i can wear my old jeans back!! yeay yeay yeay!! i'm one proud lady who can still fit to her old jeans .. *kibas rambut!* ini bangga apa sombong yak sebenernya?! HAHAHA .. 


  1. haha.. you're welcome gill!
    ngomong2, sebenernya belly belt itu berguna juga buat perut endut (karena lemak, bukan hamil) yaaa.. hahahaha.. =)

    1. iya donk! pada bilang mau beli buat abis makan biuffet! HAHAHA ...

  2. gua juga dulu ga pake muntah2... mual2 sih ada, tapi makan mah tetep jalan terus hahahaha... cuma ya porsinya jadi ga bisa banyak... 3 bulan awal berat gua ampe turun 2 kg... tapi abis itu ngebut naiknya hahahahaha...

    1. wiiih tos dulu!! nah ini dia nih .. sekarang makannya mulai enak, tapi gw masih jalan sana sini olahraga, nyapu ngepel juga sih mel ... udah doa biar gendutnya ke perut ajaaaa ;)

  3. Yup, enjoy aja Gil. Feta cheese ada yg made of pasteurised milk, so aman dimakan. Sashimi gue gak makan, tapi sushi yg mateng ttp gue makan. KFC? Nandos? Hajar bleh! Apalagi pas trimester pertama, gue masih lagi mual mual (dikit), itu nandos pernah gue makan 3 kali seminggu...hahahahhaa maklum pengen yg asem-asem...abis lewat masa itu, udah gak pengen lagi.
    Gue bahkan tetep nyruput kopi/teh sekedar buat rasa di mulut, sisanya kasih hubby...ahhahahah

    1. gw juga jarang keju2an sih nge .. ajeee gilaaa nandos 3x seminggu! gw rasa lansung bobby yang eneg2 .. gw paling banter si subway nih 2 hari berturut2 hahahaha .. gw juga kadang masih pengen teh pengan kalo lagiii pengen hihihihi ..

  4. Info penting nih ;p Simpen dulu sampe tar hamill..hihi :D

    1. ntar kalo hamil loe bikin theory sendiri lagi, py ... kan kesannya calon ibu bijak geto ;)


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