Let's Have a Boodle Fight!

boodle fight, people!!

i heard this term for the first time in my life when i was preparing surprise birthday bash for abang! di saat orang - orang ber-valentine-ria, otak gw mengkeret mikirin mau kasih surprise kecil - kecilan buat si abang, simply because i love him and he deserve a celebration to embark his new age!! ya istri emang pinter juga cari alesan buat makan enak HOHOHO .. after KFC party on his 30th birthday, our impromptu Bali trip last year, I was thinking to have another eating session for this year's celebration and after those long hours thinking, googling, and talking ... I decided to order the famous Philippnes BBQ pig, lechon!!

"hi, i want to order bla bla bla .."
"we normally deliver 3 kg lechon and boodle fight worth bla bla bla"
"what is boodle fight if i may know, .. I'm planning to have around 20 pax and since I'm not a filipino so can you help me what's the usual arrangement. it's for my husband's birthday party bla bla bla .."
*picture sent, set menu sent*

.. and the rest was history!
yesterday night, Mike and Eric from LechonSG came down to deliver the food, did the table setting, and left us with super full tummy!! the food was great, the companion was even greater, and above all the birthday boy was happy!!!

the preparation
the fish, lumpia, prawn are getting ready
 the lechon manok, roasted chicken

the famous lechon, roasted pork
are you ready for a boodle fight, people?!!
the hipster birthday cake!
boodle fight is a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice ready to eat using your bare hands, jugs of water are prepared on the side to wash hands before the "eating combat". With the signal to start the boodle fight, everyone aims for his/her position, or in other word Philippine fine dining. A traditional meal where the food (usually pancit - skinny noodles cooked in grease) is dumped in a pile on old newspaper and then everybody eats as fast as they can using their fingers. In the boodle fight you have to eat fast to get your fill, .. definition was from urban dictionary ..

when they were preparing, ..

lechonsg: "i think the rice is too much"
shella: "nothing is too much for us! hahaha"

you go girl!! but he's quite true though, we couldn't finish the rice coz it was super duper a lot! it will just nice if the rest of the gank were there too!! the roasted pork was yummy, the chicken was nice, the fish .. i'm not a big fan of fish but their fish was taste damn good! the prawn was sweet!!! the achar, the lumpia, and even the issaw, pork intestine was taste good for a person who usually don't like organs like me .. and yes we had mango too! it was just nice!! what an experience! and we loved it!!!  to add on, i brought sambel ABC!! HOHOHO .. maklum orang indo ya cin, sambel mah musti tetep ada ;) happy birthday once again, abang! hope you had a blast last night!! and thank you my beloved the royals!! 

Mr Cupid and his troops

the happy people

I'm officially a boodle fighter! and looking forward for another boodle fight! but maybe not so soon hehehe .. care to join the troops? ;)


  1. Ya elah seru bingitzzzz!!! Gue baru tau loh ada tipe makan2 begini. Serasa masakan padang dengan nasi seabrek.. tapi pake babi!! *highlight* Si Rai pasti senengnya minta ampun deh. Apalagi temen2nya kumpul2 segitu banyak.

    1. bingitsssss, le!!!! iya gw juga baru pertama kali dan seru abis!!! apa kita buka usaha gini ya tapi ya menunya makanan padang!!! gw ngebayangin tuh kuah kikil di atas nasi pake kerupuk kulit HAHAHAHA ... jangankan yang bday, kita aja kesenengan makan kayak geot HAHAHA ..

  2. Gill.. gua mikirnya pas jatah nasi didepan abis, bisa ambil jatah orang lain. wkwkwkwkwkw.. sedep banget yah.. makan tanpa ada batasan. hahahaha..

    1. hahaha ini mah boro2 ngambil jatah orang, piii .. nasi depan muka sendiri aja ga abis2 hehehe ...

  3. Hwaaa ini lucu banget sih. Bener nih Gil bisa jadi ide usaha!
    Happy birthday, Mas Rai *sok kenal*. Semoga tambah banyak berkat dan jadi berkat.

    1. yuk yuk kita bikin blogger boodle fight! :)
      hihihi makasih din, amin amin .. gpp sok kenal, .. baru sok kenal blom tambah sok deket kan hahahaha

  4. So nice! Heard they have branch in Buangkok. Im gonna book my boodle fight now. Thank you for this blog and great photos. ^_^



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