Pork Invasion

are you a fan of pork?

let me repeat!!! are you a fan of pork?! .. if your answer is yes, please continue to read because I'm going to share one of Singapore's hidden gems that can satisfy your tummy!!

welcome to Stew Kuche, a Swiss-German stall in a coffee shop or hawker centre! I love hawker centre's food!! According to Wikipedia, a hawker centre or cooked food centre, is an open-air  complexes in Singapore housing many stalls that sell a variety of inexpensive food. They are typically found in city centres, near public housing estates or transport hubs such as bus interchange or train station. It's a food court basically lah! hehe .. In Singapore, mostly you'll find similar stalls in hawker centre; mixed veggie stall, seafood and chinese food stall, malay stall, indian stall, and western stall as well.

back to the porky business, Stew Kuche is located at the block 119's coffee shop in Bukit Merah area together with some other stalls that sells different types western food! they also have french cuisine, those western seafood style, the famous chicken wings from two wings, .. it's like a special coffee shop, the high level one in a way because of their stalls selection .. but still in affordable price!! usually you need to pay around $20++ for 1/2 portion of pork knuckle in a restaurant, but here you just need to top up a bit more and you can get the whole portion of pork knuckle .. together with salad, achar, hash browns and two pieces of sausages!! yeah baby!!! that worth!!!

so last Saturday was my third visit there, ... this time around big thanks to Keke for the treat! yeah yeah yeah!!! there were 16 of us occupying the seats there and let the feast begin ...

our starter - garlic bread and hash brown
Swiss Farmer Dinner - $35

Pesto pasta with grilled chicken

we ordered 3 sets of the Swiss Farmer Dinner to be shared among all of us! on top of that we also had 24 pieces of chicken wings with cheese fries .. HAHAHA .. for the drinks, you can order beer from them or bubble tea from the other stall. I had lemon tea with pearls that night!! perfecto!! btw, the pesto pasta belonged to me since I still feel a bit traumatic eating the pork knuckle. a little story behind it, .. me and abang went there for the very first time last year to celebrate his promotion and we ordered the Swiss Farmer Dinner for both of us!! yes, only for the two of us!! and that's it .. what a huge mistake!! it was the last time I ate pork knuckle ever since!! though I can't lie that their pork knuckle was good especially the crispy skin part ..

the second time I was there, I tried their carbonara pasta and I liked it! oh I also tried their aglio olio pasta too and it suits my taste bud, .. so this time around I tried their pesto sauce. the taste of the pesto sauce was very strong but somehow I like it ... or maybe because I'm pregnant at the moment and I like food with strong taste .. but at the end of the day, the most important is the companion!! free food with great companion, what else can I ask?! :D

the happy and full-tummy faces :)

 I suggest to do a reservation if you're planning to come in a big group :) 

Planning to go there?
Stew Kuche
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-40
Singapore 151119
Tel: 62766445

operation hours:
Tue-Fri: 11.30am - 3pm // 5pm - 10pm
Sat-Sun: 11.30am - 3pm // 5pm -12pm
every Monday closed (except public holiday)