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Once Upon A Time in Kalambaka

Kalambaka, Kalabaka, Kalampaka, ... kala what?! I was wondering how this place look like when I heard it for the very first time, ... what so special about this place that we need to take 5 hours train journey from Athens to get there  .. and once I reached there, it was love at the first sight!!

10 Things To Do in Athens

... our way!!!! ;)

welcome to Athens, the capital city of Greece! it's been more than a month, .. almost two months already since our trip to Greece but somehow I still can feel the breezy wind remembering those days there. they said Athens has quite a mild winter; great weather for walking around ... but still coming from this humid-hot-sunny-little red dot took me a while to adapt to this kind of weather ..

Heat the Beat

Singapore's weather has not been so friendly for the pas one week! it's like super humid!!!.. and too add on with the bump is getting bigger and heavier I was like sweating like mad! macam kudanil bercucuran keringet ... and they say it's getting hotter next week! OHEMJI!!! lucky enough that I'm working in aircon environment but somehow I still can feel the heat ... efek dari dalem kali ya! alright enough with all the complaints! I take it as a challenge!!! how to dress style the bump in this kind of weather! game on!!!
the key is to wear lightweight cotton clothes that allow your skin to breathe!! pengennya sih kalo bisa dasteran terus kuar - kuar tapi emang dasar kecentilan ya, tetep aja mau gaya! haish!! mau gaya tapi ga mau kepanasan! I think the best combo is legging and t-shirt ...
In my case, I paired my super light and thin legging with hub's tees and my comfy wakai! as you know most of all my tops are crop top now and I can't bear to wear another lay…

Let's Count!

oh well! I think this is the most narcissism period ever in my life! feel like OOTD-ing all the time HAHAHAHA .. please just bear with me people!! good thing to have a photographer friend, you can hijack him to take your OOTD pics! thanks, be!  *wink*
Count the Days! 7 weeks and 6 days left! .. and everybody keep saying, "koq mendadak besar banget ya perutnya?!" terus dengan seenak udel gw jawab, "oh ga sengaja ketelen ragi, jadi ngembang!!" HOHOHO .. asal bener yeee emaknya!!!  I'm enjoying every bit of this pregnancy so far, .. alright, that's not so true! I'm enjoying every bit of this pregnancy except the swollen feet part, the tight-tummy-feeling, the suddenly-feel-hot all the time, the dunno-what-to-wear moments! HAHA .. jadi panjang gitu daftarnya .. being a normal human being I guess, I'm enjoying this new whole journey but sometimes like I said earlier there are parts where I feel irritated over small silly things ... I think this is the r…

The Old Man's Shirt

when we broke the news about the coming of this bundle of joy, everybody was happy and excited! yup! first cucu, people!! but we could tell that my dad, soon-to-be grandpa was the one who was very excited! after asking zillion of questions of "kapan nih cucu?!" .. akhirnya ya, pa! HEHEHE :D 
when I went back to Jakarta last Easter weekend, he's the one who fetched me at the airport .. as always! and the moment I sat in the car, he rubbed my tummy and said, "de!! ini opa nih!! dede di jakarta yaaaa .. ntar kita makan - makan yang enak ya, de" .. I was laughing all the way since I knew it's the mom, .. yup me! who was drooling for all the good food HOHOHOHO :D
it's good .. nope! it's beyond good and happy to see my father happy! for me, what else do you want to see in live rather than see and feel the happiness in your loved ones? my father-daughter relationship was not that smooth all the time .. being a teenager back then I was so stubborn, rebelli…

Let's Have a Converse-ation

lately I'm more into monochrome theme for my outfit, ... and this time around I paired my monochrome outfit with my one and only converse shoes! HOHOHO .. it's good to be back to these old pairs of mine .. "akhirnya dipake lagiii conversenya!!" sorak sorai bergembira dateng dari abang! since he himself is a big fan of converse!! he said converse make his look complete! HAHAHA ..

btw, I just came back from jekardahh during the Easter weekend and really enjoyed all the goodness there, name it es podeng, es teler, es campur, tahu gejrot!! nasi padang!! kwotie!! gurame pesmol!! OHEMJI! heaven!! went home to buy some stuff for our lil man and another OHEMJI!! sekali belanja koq langsung nyaingin belanjaan emak bapaknya yak! HOHOHO padahal itu juga cuma belanja yang super basic doank ... tapi tetep gemesh liat barangnya yang kecil imut - imut macam semut!?!! HEHE ;) so yeah! excited and nervous at the same time! 9 weeks and 2 days left! *inhale exhale inhale exhale* ;)