Let's Have a Converse-ation

lately I'm more into monochrome theme for my outfit, ... and this time around I paired my monochrome outfit with my one and only converse shoes! HOHOHO .. it's good to be back to these old pairs of mine .. "akhirnya dipake lagiii conversenya!!" sorak sorai bergembira dateng dari abang! since he himself is a big fan of converse!! he said converse make his look complete! HAHAHA ..

styled and photographed by dearest Gracia "GC" Christabella
btw, I just came back from jekardahh during the Easter weekend and really enjoyed all the goodness there, name it es podeng, es teler, es campur, tahu gejrot!! nasi padang!! kwotie!! gurame pesmol!! OHEMJI! heaven!! went home to buy some stuff for our lil man and another OHEMJI!! sekali belanja koq langsung nyaingin belanjaan emak bapaknya yak! HOHOHO padahal itu juga cuma belanja yang super basic doank ... tapi tetep gemesh liat barangnya yang kecil imut - imut macam semut!?!! HEHE ;) so yeah! excited and nervous at the same time! 9 weeks and 2 days left! *inhale exhale inhale exhale* ;)