Once Upon A Time in Kalambaka

Kalambaka, Kalabaka, Kalampaka, ... kala what?!
I was wondering how this place look like when I heard it for the very first time, ... what so special about this place that we need to take 5 hours train journey from Athens to get there  .. and once I reached there, it was love at the first sight!!

it's so pretty isn't it?! and by the way, this is the also the coldest place during our Greece trip!! 3 derajat saja, kakak!!! HOHOHO .. According to Wikepedia, Kalambaka is a municipality in the Trikala regional unit, part of Thessaly in Greece .. in simple way you can call it a village, .. a small yet beautiful village!! talking about Kalambaka means talking about the famous Meteora which included on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of their monasteries. again, what's so special about these monasteries?! it simply because all the monasteries are located on high cliffs! I really mean it when I say high cliffs!! Today, of the 24 original monasteries, only six are active, but the remaining monks still have the same heavenly views .. ciamik lah!!!

We joined the Meteora Sunset Tour on the first day we were there, but too bad there was no sunset at all because it was cloudy and drizzling on that day, .. but we really had great time accompanied by our friendly tour guide, Vangelis and our driver Dinos!! at the end of the day, they were not our tour guide anymore, they were our new friends! that's the beauty of travelling .. you'll get a chance to meet different people from different places and by end of the day you have more friends!! :)

left to right: Dinos, Me, Abang, and Vangelis

we visited two monasteries during our stay there, Agios Stefanos which is being taken care by the nuns and Great Meteoron which is the biggest monastery in Meteora.

We took cab from Kalambaka on they way up to the Great Meteoron on the second day as we planned to walk back on foot for 7 km! and yeah! we did it!! it was an achievement! HOHOHO ... let me explain it to you! you can choose to use cab for 10 euro or walk 7 km up to go there and after which you have to climb up 300 steps to go inside the monastery and vice versa, take another 300 steps to go down and go back either by cab or walk 7 km .. or you can hitch hike! or else you can rent a car and drive on your own ..

well, us being us! we always scrap the idea of renting a car while traveling as we want to try the public transportation and another thing of renting a car is that you have to really concentrate since you're driving and if you ask me, it's like bringing stress and pressure to your holiday! so we decided to take cab up and walked back on foot! once again us being us, we did silly things on the way back to the city centre .. we recorded video, talked nonsense, ate hello panda, shared stupid jokes, .. found travel charger! yes we did!! and we picked it up! HEHEHE .. followed by stray dogs, ... took pictures! we had fun though it was tiring!! remembering I was 6 months pregnant! damn tiring!! but that's called experience :)

scenery checked!
tourism objects checked!

next on the list, FOOD!!!! 

on the first night, we had dinner at Greek Taverna Skaros. the term traverna refers to a restaurant serving Greek cuisine, .. you'll find lots of tavernas when you visit Greece! you can read more about taverna here. we tried the famous tzatziki which is yoghurt, garlic, and cucumber dip and also the eggplant dip, melitzanosalata!! did I tell you that the eggplant dip in on the house?! yeay!!! and I got chance to grill our bread in their kitchen .. for our main course, we ordered pork and lamb souvlaki! the meat was so juicy!! nom nom nom ..

tzatziki and melitzanosalata served with the bread
our pork and lamba souvlaki
we had food coma that night!!! but it didn't stop there, .. the next day we tried different taverna and this time around we tried the moussaka, an eggplant and potato based dish with layer of meat and vegetables .. another nom nom nom party in our tummy!! thank God their chicken souvlaki came with salad! we're having meat attack here ..

chicken souvlaki
that day we had lunch after lunch! yup! the big guy was still hungry so we decided to take a stroll around the city centre and found this pita gyross stall .. 

pita gyros
as a closure during our stay there, we had dinner at Taverna Pannellinio .. we ordered the green salad, greek meatball, and beef stew! another food coma night!!! 

beef stew

last but not least, our lodging! we stayed at Monastiri Guesthouse 
if you're looking for a homy experience kind of feeling, this is the right place!! highly recommended! it's like home away from home!! we're hosted by the owner itself, Dita! she's very welcoming and friendly .. and her pie was very nice!!! too bad we didn't meet her husband, Spiros .. it was a very pleasant experience staying there ... 


it was a wonderful experience at Kalambaka! if you have a chance to visit Greece, you should come here!! it's a must destination to go!! alright, our next destination is Kos Island!!! see you when I see you!!! :)


  1. what a great view!!!
    kalo makanannya sih kalo dari fotonya gak keliatan yummy2 amat sih ya.. hahaha

    1. gw kurangg jago kali ya motonyaaaa ... hehehe .. tapi rasanya sih amboi nikmatnyaaa ;)


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