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Bloomin' Bread

.. and we're loving it!!!

38 Weeks Situations

yup! another pregnancy post!! bear with me, people! this preggie needs to vent out her feelings in order to make her keep sane .. in other word, channeling her centil mode! emang pengen pasang poto aja gituh! HOHOHOHO ...
Hobbit-Feet Situation I'm amazed, shocked, scared, and in awe at the same time with my feet! HAHAHA .. nevertheless how my feet look like now I'm still grateful that this hobbit-feet situation only came during the past one month and yes waving good bye to all those flats! not even heels!! ... currently I'm counting on to my this super expanded charles and keith flats that ready to be thrown away once I give birth! seriously!!! and my H&M flats which surprisingly still can feet! that's all .. oh! and slippers!! honestly I was wondering those all Hollywood celebrities that can still walk in their stilettos! emejiiiing, kakak!!! me give up!!! ;)
Work Situation next week will be my last week of work .. and I'll be starting my new role as a full tim…

Parenting 101

"gee, ntar kalo si dede lahir aku masih boleh maen basket ga?"
"ya maen aja lah! kenapa ga boleh juga emangnya?"
"ya sapa tau kamu pengen aku 24/7 di rumah terus gitu"
"ah! aku mah ga segitunya lah! maen aja lah rai, .. kalo aku mau kamu di rumah ya ntar aku tinggal bilang. loe ngapain juga glatak - glutuk di rumah ga jelas"
"that's why I love you so much!"
"hahaha .. ya nyantai aja lah bebi .."

welcome to parenting 101!! HOHOHO ... bah serasa pakar aja!  we've been talking about how things are going to change when our lil bundle of joy come, about parenting style .. and we are clueless! HAHAHA .. newbie is in the house! *drum roll*
I think the other important things beside preparing all the baby stuff is preparing the parents, in this case me and abang! can't believe we are going to be daddy and mommy in few weeks time! apakah ini hanya mimpi belaka?! oh bangunkan aku sekiranya ini hanya mimpi! *langsung dilemparin te…

(too early) Spring in Santorini

Santorini oh Santorini ..

It's known as one of the most romantic places in the world with all the white buildings, blue dome, and not too forget the amazing sunset! and I couldn't agree more with that ... if you happen to visit her in summer! sadly but true, in our case we experienced different side of Santorini! didn't mean to be anti mainstream and judgemental but Santorini looked so much different when you visited her in spring! or too early spring HOHOHO macam jebakan batman!!!

Keep Calm and Bounce Back

tick tock tick tock .. the time is ticking! I'm in my 37 weeks now! OEHMJI!! within around two or three weeks to go, or less! or more!! our little bundle of joy is going to invade the world HOHOHO :D
it feels like yesterday when we were clueless looking at those two stripes on the test pack and now we just went back from our maternity tour class .. yup! we signed up for the express Antenatal Class that provided from the hospital and today was the first session whereby they brought us around and showed us the delivery suite, the post natal ward, patient service centres, operating theatre, .. basically all the places and basic information due to the delivery day .. it was kinda' funny looking at a group of mommies who were wobbling like a penguin here and there during the tour, .... and yes including me!! say hello to mommy penguin!!!! :D
lately I've been receiving similar questions like ...
"how do you feel right now?" "deg - degan ga sih?" "are you g…

Wake Up, KOS!!!

KOS?!! kos who?!
Kos or Cos (Greek: Κως) is a Greek island of the group of the Dodecanese, next to the Gulf of Gokosa/Cos. The island measures 40 by 8 kilometers (25 by 5 miles), and is 4 km (2 miles) from the coast of Bodrum, Turkey, and the ancient region of Caria. The island constitutes a municipality within the Kos regional unit, which is part of the South Aegean Region. The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Kos town.The island has a population of 33,388. tsah! penjelasan lengkap dan akurat dari .... Wikipedia!!!! ;)

My Husband and Me

me: loe ga tau rasanya hamil sih!!!
him: loe ga tau rasanya bayarin orang hamil sih!
me: ....


me: liat deh hari ini rambut aku beda kan?
him: engga! sama aja!
me: beda lah! ini abis ngeblow gitu .. lebih ngembang!!
him: it looks the same for me ..
me: ya udah lah ..


him: gee, ini baju baru ya?
me: he?!
him: ga pernah liat kayaknya! baju baru ya? baru terus ih bajunya!
me: yaowoh remon!!! ini baju yang gw pake waktu acara lamaran keluarga!!!
him: serius?! HAHAHAHA .. mana aku tau! baju kamu banyak begitu!
me: ....


me: hari ini aku pake bulu mata palsu loh! liat deh ..
him: oh iya! biru ya warnanya?!
me: ha?! biru?! bulu mata gw biru?!
him: iya kena sinar matahari kayak biru gitu warnanya ..
me: ...


ya begitulah seklumit percakapan sehari - hari yang terjadi antara suami dan saya. sampai detik postingan ini diturunkan kami sudah menjadi sejoli selama 7 tahun belakangan, ... ya tentunya dibumbui dengan adegan - adegan pelem indihe dimana si wanita mewek - mewek ga jelas entah itu hormon a…

Kue Cubit Gemes

"ci, gw udah beliin loe loyang kue cubit .. beli tiga sekaligus!" "eh buset ... " "small, medium, sama large .. eh ci masa ya beli kue loyang kue cubit dikasih sutilnya loh!" "jiah!! itu man emang uda sepaket kali .. " "ooh! mana gw tau! HAHAHA" ..

Another Converse-ation Day!

34 weeks and start aching! ;) there are days where I feel like taking off this bump for a while and lay flat on my tummy ... pengen guling - gulingan muter kesana kesini rasanya HOHOHO .. another thing that I miss is dancing!! may not the best dancer in the world or even in the block though but I really miss counting 5, 6, 7, 8 ... sebenernya masih bisa jejogetan koq cuma demi menghindari tatapan kengerian yang dipancarkan khalayak sekitar jadi alangkah bijaksananya kalo gw cuma nari - nari di otak aja ... btw, if you're wondering whether I got the "swollen feet" syndrome, the answer is yes!! most of the time is always my left foot ... so yeah keep calm and elevate!! :D
what else do I miss during this pregnancy period? I miss my melissa shoes! HAHAHA .. it's really not a good idea to wear your melissa shoes at this period of time and I did one big mistake by wearing it last week .. berasa macam sodara tiri cinderella  yang maksa pake sepatu kaca! and speaking of sho…

Strap Bracelet To The Rescue

beberapa pernyataan yang sering kali muncul berhubungan dengan aksesoris adalah, "kayaknya gw ga cocok dhe", "gw ga tau musti pakenya gimana", .. atau "kalo kamu mah cocok, kalo aku kayaknya ga deh!" endebre endebra ..  well, I'm partially agree with those statements karena seperti pepatah mengatakan tak kenal maka tak sayang. being quite an accessories freak, allow me to introduce you to something simple yet fashionable, the strap bracelet!! 

Cheat Pie

what you need are ready crust pie, canned sliced mushroom, canned mixed vegetables, ready made tomato pasta sauce, canned meat .. I was using luncheon meat that day, and parmesan cheese! basically just pour everything inside, mix it, add a pinch of salt and pepper, sprinkle the cheese on top ... put it in the oven and voila!! it's done and ready to be eaten!!! HOHOHO ...