38 Weeks Situations

yup! another pregnancy post!! bear with me, people! this preggie needs to vent out her feelings in order to make her keep sane .. in other word, channeling her centil mode! emang pengen pasang poto aja gituh! HOHOHOHO ...

Hobbit-Feet Situation
I'm amazed, shocked, scared, and in awe at the same time with my feet! HAHAHA .. nevertheless how my feet look like now I'm still grateful that this hobbit-feet situation only came during the past one month and yes waving good bye to all those flats! not even heels!! ... currently I'm counting on to my this super expanded charles and keith flats that ready to be thrown away once I give birth! seriously!!! and my H&M flats which surprisingly still can feet! that's all .. oh! and slippers!! honestly I was wondering those all Hollywood celebrities that can still walk in their stilettos! emejiiiing, kakak!!! me give up!!! ;)

Work Situation
next week will be my last week of work .. and I'll be starting my new role as a full time wife and mom! excited?! yes! nervous?! yes yes yes!! anyway, you'll never know 'till you try it!! and experience it! btw, I'm done meeting with the parents for this year's semester report and now busy finishing all the paper work. honestly, it's kinda hard to say good bye to the children especially with this little Charis ..

"Charis, once the baby's out, Ms Gillian is going to stay at home and take care of the baby"
"oh! then who's going to play with me?"
"Ms Dayah is still around ... you can play with her"
"can I go to your house and see your baby?"
"yes of course!"
"okay! I'll tell my papa and mommy to go to your house! Ms Gillian, can I touch your tummy?"
"sure .."
"hello baby *rubbing my tummy* thisi is Charis"

oh dear! how can I not going to miss you!! :(

House Situation
juggling between work, pregnancy, house works, and many other things are challenging! and so far we managed to cope with it .. but coming to third trimester when I feel tired easily we tried to figure out something which was calling out help from part time domestic helper! yaowoh nyari mbak part time sekarang macam cari jarum di tumpukan jerami!! tapi akhirnya dapet juga setelah sekian nomor yang gw sms-in!! orang mah dari kapan ya pake mbak, aku baru minggu lalu!! HOHOHOHO .. dan bahagia banget rasanyaaa .. si mbak menjamah bagian - bagian yang tida terjamah (baca: males) oleh saya! HEHEHE ...

what about nursery room?! well, we don't have the luxury of space here in Singapore .. and we're thinking to find a bigger place in the future tapi ntaran dulu aja lah. rumah yang sekarang menurut kita masih oke banget dan kita ga mau ribet mikirin nyari rumah, pindahan, dan lahiran di saat yang bersamaan! ampun dije!!! HOHOHO .. the plan is we're going to put the baby cot in our room and the other room will still be study room .. so far so good lah! and this upcoming days we are going to do another spring cleaning to arrange all the baby stuff! .. yup! getting more and more! thank you for all the love!! HUGS!

we feel overwhelmed with all the blessings!! setiap kali WA-an sama orang rumah pasti ada selipan foto hadiah buat si dede, ntar oma opanya yang beliin, ntar dikasih sama si tante dan si om itu, .. belom dikasih sama si oma ini dan itu. makasih juga yang udah kasih dede bath tub!! ntar gw cobain dulu ke bapaknya! HAHAHA .. meanwhile been telling dede to come out when his oma is here, .. "de, kamu kuarnya tunggu oma dateng ya .. soalnya kalo kuar sekarang ga punya ranjang loh" HOHOHOHO ... yup all the big stuff will be only coming just few days before the EDD!! so we'll see then .. ;D

Labour Bag Situation
ahay! things inside my labour bag according to the list given to me by the hospital ..

Documents for Admission
  • NRIC/Passport/Employment Pass
  • Pre Registration Folder
  • Letter of Guarantee (if any)
For Mommy
  • Cardigan
  • Toiletries - this one including eyeliner in my case! HAHA :D
  • Nursing Bra and Nursing Pad
  • Personal skin / body care / slippers
  • A set of clothing to wear upon discharge
  • Avoid bringing valuables/jewellery
For Baby
  • Cap, mittens, and booties for your baby
  • A set of baby clothing and a towel or baby blanket to keep your baby warm on the way home
all is packed in one bag pack! except my clothes upon discharge! aku masih mau cari dress asik macam Kate Middleton gitu deh!! HAHAHA .. ya masa dia doank yang boleh kuar rumah sakit glowing! aku juga mau, kakak!!! *dilempar ulekan sama emak - emak yang udah pada ngelahirin* .. ya namanya juga pengalaman pertama yak! masih sok idealis nih! HAHA .. 

Legal Situation
as you all know, status kita masih perantau alias foreigner di sini and currently we're applying our PR and still waiting for the good news. amin!! terus dengan situasi gw bakal resign in one week time, otomatis status legal gw bakal berubah jadi social visit pass that allows me to stay only 30 days in Singapore .. lah terus piye ini?! kita berdoa sih supaya by then PR kita udah diapproved, .. amin lagi!!! btw, I can still apply dependent pass under abang's employment pass .. so whatever it is we know that God is still good and in control :)

how about dede? all babies that born in Singapore should be registered legally in ICA, and good thing about Singapore you can do it effectively as the hospital can help you to do all this legal stuff provided you have all the documents be it you citizen, PR, or foreigner. since we are foreigner, there are some steps rather than just registering our baby legally here .. let me try to break it down in simple steps .. give birth - apply singapore birth cert - apply indonesia birth cert - apply indonesia passport -  apply PR or dependent pass 

I've jot down all the documents that we need. mostly you need to submit your original marriage certificate with English translation, passport, IC, .. and that's all!! another good thing about Singapore, you can apply it online!!! hooray!!! but for indonesia birth cert and passport you should go down to the embassy directly as they need to take biometric photo of the baby but still all is bearable. I contacted the Indonesian embassy last week to get ready before hand and they were very helpful in explaining all the details! this upcoming weeks are going to be a busy week for daddy and mommy :)

Husband and Wife Situation
abang has been supportive through out this pregnancy period and I can't be more grateful than that! makasih, bang!!! me and dede love you!!! 

him: gee, proses lahiran kayak gimana sih?
me: ga tau, rai! aku juga baru pertama kali HAHAHA .. ntar aku mau baca - baca lagi biar ga kagok, lagian kan kita ikut kelas juga .. ntar dikasih tau semuanya .. btw, kemaren aku baca - baca artikel soal hypnobirth ..
him: apaan tuh?! jangan maen hipnotis - hipnotisan lah ..
me: hahaha .. kaga! itu lebih ke teknik too calm yourself down on the D-day ..
him: oh!! ya pokoknya aku dukung gee .. just share and let me know what to do .. kamu mau lahiran di aer, dalem tanah ..
me: HA?! dalam tanah?! HAHAHAHAHAHA .. loe kata gw apaan .. film horor abis!
him: HAHAHAHAHA .. ya intinya aku dukung lah!!!

terlalu suportif agaknya! sampe lahiran dalem tanah pun didukung! HAHAHAHAHA ..

Overall Situation
ready or not the baby is coming!! HAHAHAHA .. going for another check up today! going for antenatal class tomorrow! going to pack up stuff the day after tomorrow! going for a sushi date too! going to enjoy the new season in our life! so bring it on!! :D

"a grand adventure is about to begin"
Winnie the Pooh


  1. Semoga tercapai semua yg belum dan pengen dicapai ya Gil...dan semoga lahirannya lancar jaya...kabar kabari ya.

    1. amin amin iya makasih! counting down the days nih :)


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