Cheat Pie

what you need are ready crust pie, canned sliced mushroom, canned mixed vegetables, ready made tomato pasta sauce, canned meat .. I was using luncheon meat that day, and parmesan cheese! basically just pour everything inside, mix it, add a pinch of salt and pepper, sprinkle the cheese on top ... put it in the oven and voila!! it's done and ready to be eaten!!! HOHOHO ...

I think some of the mommies out there will give me the apa-apaan-ini-semua-makanan-kaleng-semua-look!! mana gizinya?!! I'm sorry, mommy! this is what came up on my mind when I was thinking how to make something easy peasy and yummy!! so now you know why this is called cheat pie!! or maybe you can call it emergency pie either! or lazy pie .. you name it! ;)


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