The Final Countdown

woot woot! it's getting closer! it's getting real!! jiah!! emang dari kemaren boongan apa?! HOHOHO my app is telling me it's 5 days left to the estimated due date! basically it can be anytime soon by now HOHOHOHO .. are we ready?! am I ready?! ready or not the baby is coming!!! initially we've been keep telling the baby to wait for the grandma to come and she's coming in two days!! and now I'm bargaining to God like "is it possible for the baby to come out on the 15, .. jadi kayak tanggal cantik gitu deh Tuhan, 15 - 6 -15 .. tapi terserah waktunya Tuhan aja deh!" ini emak emang banyak maunya yak!!

btw, here are some snap shots from our maternity shots earlier last month done by Gregory "Chuil" William from Retrospek together with his lovely partner Gracia "GC" Christabella as the creative director. I was freaked out during D-Day realizing I couldn't fit into my dungaree! thanks to the bump! HAHAHA .. overall the photo shoot went well despite it was raining like cat and dog in the morning, ... and we didn't manage to take the tunnel session as this preggie was already tired! special thanks to Shella and Gabby too!! kalo kata GC, "picnic matnya ada bau - bau cinta Gabby sama Chang!" ahey!!! ;D

been receiving lots of warm wishes and encouragement lately and from the deepest of my heart I would like to say THANK YOU!!! yes to you and you and you!!!! THANK YOU!!! *sending virtual hugs to all of you beloved*

.. and yes! been receiving lots of questions too! me myself is a first - timer here so we should give each other high five since I have no idea what's going to happen on the D-Day! well, we went for the antenatal class and it helped me so much to give preview what's going to happen .. especially watching the video where I got shocked of my life! HAHAHA .. but in real life I'm clueless!

Normal VS Cesarian n.. and Epidural?!
"gill maunya gimana? normal atau c-sect?" I would like to choose normal delivery by grace! can I have amen for that?! we were talking in our family WhatsApp group sometimes ago and it went more or less like this ..

me: ngeri cuy kalo ngomong lahiran sama si mami! kayak ngeludah aja!
mom: lah emang begitu! tinggal ngeden bayinya kuar!
me: horor, mam!!

HAHAHA .. that's my mom! it's like encouraging and scary at the same time! HAHAHA .. btw, my mom gave birth normally to three of us and it considered big babies. I was born 3.7 kg, my younger sister was 4.25kg .. and the youngest was 4.5kg!! yup yup! gw rasa kalo gw punya ade satu lagi bisa dipastikan 5 kg! HAHAHA ... and btw she's coming with 80 kg luggage!! so baby, you have to wait for grandma to come, unpack your stuff ... and then you can come out! HAHAHA :D

a good friend of mine which is apparently a surgeon beg to me to use the epidural! HAHAHA .. she said, "I could see blood everywhere, .. cutting people's body but please please ask for epidural okay?!" HOHOHO .. there always pro and cons with this epidural thingy! si mami bilang ga usah pake karena pasti bisa, ada orang bilang mending pake daripada menderita endebre ebdrea ... what about me?! abang keep saying to me, "semuanya terserah gee! pokoknya kalo gee rasa gee sanggup and it's bearable you go for it but if you can't take it just ask for it .. ga usah mikirin apa - apa, kayak gengsi bilang awal ga mau pake epidural terus ternyata pake .. jangan mikir gitu! ga usah mikirin duitnya juga! pokoknya pikirin yang nyaman buat kamu aja. pilihan di tangan kamu, sayang .. apapun itu aku dukung!" thanks hunyiii!! 

bukan bermaksud idealis atau sok kuat, in my happy-go-lucky point of view gw selalu doa sama Tuhan kayak gini, "God I know I have to go through all this pain which I have no idea how it's going to be ... and all I need is Your strength and comfort to help me to go through all this" ... gw percaya kalo Tuhan mau ilanging sakitnya juga bisa banget! there's nothing impossible for Him tapi di satu sisi gw percaya kalopun harus lewatin sakit, ada favor dari Tuhan .. gw minta ketenangan dari Tuhan saat - saat final countdown kayak gini dan saat hari H-nya juga! yeah yeah yeah!!! soal epidural, laughing gas atau apapun itu ya nanti aku update lah ya abis si dede kuar! :)

oh! during antenatal class, the midwife told us that songs can help us to ease the pain during the first stage of labour .. and this preggie which was me raised her hand and asked, "can we bring our own music to the delivery suite?" and she said, "well, there will be soothing music provided in delivery suite but sure you can play your own music! you can create your own playlist!! they said during the first stage it's best to play soothing and calming type of music and on the second stage where you have to push, it's good to play the upbeat music!" ... I whispered to abang, "okay first stage no other name, second stage young and free" HAHAHAHA :D

Spring Cleaning, Eating, .. and Laughing!
I'm done with my spring cleaning! like finally!! kalo kata abang, "kamu tuh ngapain sih glatak glutuk mulu kerjaannya?!" HOHOHO .. sebenernya masih rada gatel sedikit tapi ntar tunggu mamake dateng dan sekali lagi menggempur rumah! but so far dapur udah digempur sampe mau nyobain bikin martabak ga jadi karena males beberes lagi hehehe .. terus hari ini officially di rumah dan dengan bahagianya dari pagi ngejogrok beresin store room .. abang cuma bisa geleng - geleng doank liat kelakuan istrinya! itung - itung olahraga juga menjelang persiapan persalinan! senam hamil edisi gillian!! tenang - tenang ga angkut yang berat - berat gitu .. inget bener koq kalo lagi hamidun ;)

been eating lots of good food lately!! went for sushi date with abang last week, .. had the best waffle in town so far in Sunday Folks yesterday .. not to forget the mentaiko mashed potato at Craft Bistro! I had foodgasm!!!! I'm all about potato and this time around you had it with mentaiko! beuh!!!! enyak enyak enyak!!! thank God for all the good food!! .. on top of that beyond grateful surrounded by people who make me laugh!! 

Meet the Gynae .. again!
last Thursday during my appointment, the gynae said that my blood pressure was quite high .. so they told me to rest for a while, relax myself and they were going to do another round of check up and if it's still high there's possibility they need to induce me! I was like OHEMJI!! Jentjung and Ella were there too and so ready to call abang .. HAHAHA .. after 10 minutes they checked again and it was okay. the doctor said, "I think you're hungry that's why your BP is high" .. and abang couldn't agree more with the doctor when I was speaking to him on the phone .. last week was the longest appointment I've ever had! came there at 5pm and they asked me to wait since the doctor needed to help delivery .. alright! then after like 3 hours later was my turn and I was the last patient! gimana ga laper, dok!!! 

tomorrow will be another appointment day and I have a feeling it's going to be the last one before our lil man pop out to this world ... I had this "false contraction" feeling since last Saturday so it's getting nearer .. and having like diarrhea last week and this week ... *inhale exhale*

him: wow! I can't believe we're going to be parents soon!
me: yup! you're going to be a dad!!
him: can't wait for dede to come out ... but nervous too!
me: same here!!
him: love you!
me: love you too!!
*ayah ibu berpelukan ala teletubbies* 

so everybody let's sing the final countdown!! ....


    Emang kalo lahiran mah go with the flow aja.. gak usah mikir macem2 mau pake ini itu apa ngga.. only u know your limit! Cemunggguudhh Kakakkk!!! C you soon, baby!!

    1. makasih mel!!!!!! hormat kepada suhu! HOHOHO

  2. Jiayou, Gil!! U can do it!! Hehehe

  3. foto2nya lucu banget!! :)

    good luck ya.. moga2 lahirannya lancar ya... :)

    1. hihihihi makasih om arman!!! :) amin amin biar lancarrr :)

  4. keren gil, foto2nya..
    dan donatnya terlihat enak *salah fokus*

    lancar2 yaa lahirannya.. =)

  5. fotonya kayak foto prewed hehehehe.... semoga nanti lahirannya lancar2 ya...

  6. Gambate Gil!! Semoga lancar jaya yah! Loe di RS mana nanti?

  7. Semanggkkaa kakaaakk.. kamu pasti bissaa... normal or csect. Epidural or not.. yg penting baby n mom selamet..

  8. fotonya ceria banget :)
    gluck buat lahirannnya and ditunggu cerita nya ntar hehe

  9. gil gimana??? udah lahiran belum??? lancar2 ya...

  10. Ciiiii cantik semua! Ya orangnya, ya potonya, ya tampilan blognya sekarang *baru ngeh* tentunya bang Rai ganteng lah ya bukan cantik huahahaha akyu juga jadi semangat nih! Happy for you guys and God bless


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