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Balenciaga Who?!

oh well, mommy put balenciaga on hold since DIAPER BAG is the new it bag! woot woot!!! who says diaper bag has to be boring and ugly?! mine is not!! sombong abis loe, gill!!! HAHAHA ..

Red Velvet, Latte, and Baby!!

after his first museum visit, it's time for Gide's first cafe visit! nyaw! HOHOHOHO and I believe there will be more first time here and there with this lil guy .. cheers to mommahood!!

Day at the Museum

It was Gide's first museum experience! yeah! Alive Museum!! HAHAHA .. definitely not your educative typical kind of museum, .. according to the website, it's a Korea’s original and biggest chain of Illusionary Entertainment Museum. if I may say the more suitable word is Alive Room rather than museum!! kalo museum tuh konotasinya pasti serius yak! enihomau dibawa kemana - mana juga anaknya belom ngerti apa - apa! ini mah kerjaan emak bapaknya ajah! alesan pake bilang pengalaman Gide ke museum! HOHOHO .. 

August and Me

August is one of may favorite months simply because it's my birthday month! HOHOHO ... kalo taon lalu aku lumayan (sok) galau memasuki usia kepala tiga, tidak dengan taon ini! kenapa?! ya karena mau galau pun tetep umurnya nambah, ya alesan yang lumayan bikin kesel yak!! sekarang mah bersyukur aja, udah dikasih umur panjang koq ngeyel ... kalo orang jawa bilang mbenceno!!! terlalu egois rasanya ngomongin diri sendiri terus *padahal demen* HOHOHO, allow me to share something else in the month of August!!


According to 9gag, there are million different ways to say "I LOVE YOU"!

"put your seat belt on"
"watch your step"
"did you eat?"
"get some rest"

.. you just have to listen!!!
and this how Gide express his love to his daddy,

daddy: hi gide.. how are you doing today?..
gide: uhhhh ahhh uuhhhh
daddy: what did you do today?
gide: *giggling,smiling* ehhh eeeehhhh
daddy: that's great!!! you seemed like enjoying your weekend .. daddy loves you.. do you love me?
gide: aiuuww wuauuuww aaaahh aaahhh
daddy: son,you really know how to make me happy..i love you gide..
gide: *fart*

 - copy paste from Daddy's facebook status. I bet Gide loves you so much, daddy!!! and in this case you just have to listen ... and smell it! :D